Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Whats Up With Montreal?

1) No, we're not talking about their hockey, on-ice success. We congratulate them for their 7 game series win against their rival Bruins. What our question to the city/fans of the team is why would a first round series win cause rioting in the streets? We understand they haven't won the Cup in a record (for them) 15 years, but in a city that has seen MORE success (24 Stanley Cups) than any other we wouldn't expect that a simple first round win would generate such emotion?

2) Many have pointed out the heavy handed police tactics that the Montreal PD is supposedly know for. However, as they say, it takes 2 to tango. We listen to soccer-like singing/chants during games at the Bell Centre, but now it appears this 'soccer mentality' seems to be spreading beyond the arena. We worry what would/will take place should the Habs continue to win?


Lyle said...

Most of what people have seen and read about these supposed riots are blown out of proportion. Most of the mayhem is initiated by a few rowdy teen fans who actually seem to get off getting the police to respond to them. It gives the other 99.9% of Montreal fans an undeserved black eye. I wasn't there but friends tell me that the police weren't ready as they usually are for the post game partying

Zulu as Kono said...

Its easy to blame the cops. Guys wear that riot stuff for a reason. There a trouble out there. Sounds like those fans were looking for trouble. probly drunk or sumthing. Its a sad thing to see on there.

Off the Post said...

Take it from somebody whose been to games there that most of the fans are polite and pretty nice. I even wore my Bruins jersey there last year. I got the usual taunts but I never felt like I was going to get beat up by anyone. There are a bunch of mostly French kids that look like they get drunk and have too much fun if ya know what I mean.

T. Lloyd said...

Still feeling down about last night. We didn't seem ready for some reason. I give Montreal credit for playing well. I think if we were healthy the result would have been different. As for the riot afterwards I can't comment as I wasn't there, but we have some rowdy fans here in Boston too. I wouldn't want to have everyone think we all were like them either


1) Looks like most of the responders so far believe this is more a small minority making the whole town look bad as opposed to an institutional/city issue.
2) We have been to Montreal on many occasions and as 'Post writes the folks there are almost always very pleasant/nice/accommodating. Every town has their bad apples, and its probably wrong to paint everyone with the same brush
3) Having said all that, these kinds of things almost always seem to happen in the same places. Something is wrong if this occurs again and again. Either the city/police need to show more restraint, or perhaps be prepared for these kinds of situations better?

Jibblescribbits said...

I realize the Bruins are the arch-rivals, but rioting looks pathetic in general. Rioting after a first round win is silly.

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