Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lidstrom Snubbed?

1) With today's announcement of the 3 Hart(MVP) Finalists we were stunned to see Detroit's Nicklas Lidstriom's name omitted from the list. Its baffling how this could be so. We have already gone on record with our picks for the various NHL awards. While we stated that Alex Ovechkin's amazing season made him the clear favourite we did mention that Lidstrom's season was also quite an accomplishment. He deserved to be in the top 3.

2) Taking nothing from the other players(Iginla and Malkin) Both had great season's helping their teams into the playoffs, but playing defense at such a high level is also quite the accomplishment. Lidstrom not only excels in his own end, but also in the offensive side where he led ALL defensemen with 70 points AND a plus 40. Its simply astounding.

3) So why the overlook?

  • Perhaps some will say that he will win the Norris (again) so voters are less likely to include him

  • He plays for a team that many expected to be good

  • Defense is a non glamorous/overlooked position

4) To all of those explanations, and somethat we didn't mention we simply say, bunk.



Come on are they kidding me? Malkin had a nice couple of months while Crosby was out but he's not an MVP. My choices would have included at least 1 goalie, Lidstrom and the guy from Washington. Lidstrom was just so dominant in all facets that its amazing he wasn't included.

Dr. George Varga said...

For obvious reasons I'm not enamored with anything Detroit right now, but I have to give the Swedish boy his due. I can't remember him ever making a huge blunder out there and he never seems to tire or leave the ice

Ron said...

Geno carried our team when Sid got hurt and almost won the scoring title. He deserves to be nominated. I think right now he's the odds on favorite to win the Consmythe. If we win the Cup he deserevs to win that award.

Antzmarching said...

They got it right... Malkin carried the Pens when Sid was out - they actually increased their point pace... Geno is legit... Lidstrom will win HIS award - that's good enough...

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