Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not So Fast!

1) Last night saw two teams (temporarily at least) stem the tide in their playoff series. The Sharks, and more specifically Joe Thornton came out of hibernation to take one from the Flames in Calgary. Many believed that the Sharks were done after blowing an early 3 goal lead in game 3. Not so! Last night San Jose turned it up side down from game 3 by being the ones who came back. First Cheechoo tied the score with under 5 minutes remaining. Then Big Joe scored the back breaker with only 10 seconds remaining.

2) Folks tell FAUXRUMORS that many Flame fans missed the goal as they were anticipating OT and were rushing to avoid the lines for the refreshment stands/bathroom when Joe scored the game winner and sent the Calgary faithful home, unhappy. Now the series shifts back to California and the Sharks regained the home ice advantage in this now best of 3 series tied at 2. The pressure has shifted to Calgary now. Is there going to be a goalie controversy with the Flames now? CuJo came in to relieve Kipper and won game 3. After last night might Mike Keenan go back to the old man(Joseph)?

3) Meanwhile in Dallas, the folks who had the Ducks buried may have to re-write their obituary. The Ducks finally showed up last night after missing the first 2 games at Honda Center. You can NEVER underestimate the power of being champs. Sure the Ducks looked like crap after their first 2 games, but we couldn't foresee that they would just lay down and die meekly despite now being on the road. We're told the team actually prefers to play on the road sometimes. Getting away from the many distractions that living in Southern California can bring. Perhaps Burke should rent a hotel in LA for his team when they return for game 5? Marty Turco wasn't the only reason the Stars lost, but to give up 3 first period goals on a mere 6 shots had to be deflating. Might this bring on a return of the playoff choking Turco we had all grown to expect from years past? Certainly the Ducks and their fans hope so. Or might last night have been the last gasp for the dying Ducks? Stay tuned.

4) The night before last we saw another example of a team refusing to die quietly. We give full props to the Nashville Predators for refusing to wither away and die despite being down 2-0 in games, and down by a goal late in game 3. First Ryan Suter beat a surprised Dominick Hasek with a 50 footer. He didn't appear to be screened, so blame squarely belongs to the Detroit goalie for allowing the tying goal to get by him. Then before the crowd had simmered down; A short 9 seconds later, the Detroit defense allowed perennial underachiever Jason Arnott to get a clear shot from the high slot and beat Hasek up high with the go ahead goal. Sending the folks in the Sommet Center into delirium. What appeared to be a definite short series is now up in the air with Game 5 tonight in Nashville.


Jintzie said...

You have no idea how relieved Theresa and I were to see Joe pot that goal at the end there. I have to admit I wasn't feelin too good about the boys until Johnny got it tied up. I think we come back here and take over the series now.

Zulu as Kono said...

I hope we got all them cob webs out our sistem now boss. We looked like the Ducks we all know last night. I gice the stars credit for givin us all we can handle in the first 2 games but i think we are back and we will win it in 6.

DMG said...


This is not related to this post but I sent you a rather important email ( from dmg@cpasblueline. Did you receive it?


1) Sadly this person(s) have been crusading to attempt to discredit this blog(God knows why) for over a a year and a half. We started FR in August 2006 as an enjoyable (non profit) enterprise. It attracted quite a few readers. Most lie yourself have been supportive and added to the blog.
2) This person(s) started off as merely an annoyance. That moved on to become a pest(we had to moderate all comments for a time). Later he became a real threat when he/they actually hacked and stole possession of the original FR blog. You can see its still in use today Our last entry was on February 12, 2007.
3) Lately he/they have chosen to rekindle that blog with their own nonsense. In addition as you found out, they are now going after the blogs to which we recommended on our site. Trying to discredit us by use our name then making outrageous statements. Thankfully usually we spot them and alert the blog administrators who like yourself can easily spot the difference
4) We greatly thank you for taking the extra effort to make contact with this person. We have always believed/suspected he/they hailed from the Calgary area. In fact below is the blog to which this person uses most frequently. We are not as computer savvy as yourself to detect differing IP addresses and to be able to follow up like you did here. We hope your efforts will dissuade this obviously unstable person(s) from further nonsense.
Thank you again!

DMG said...


I don't understand it either but there are always going to be people out there trying to get on others nerves via the internet for lack of anything better to do. I'd like to try and see if the blog you listed above generates from the same IP address but I can't figure out how to do it at the moment (perhaps when I have more time). I'll let you know.

For now I'm going to leave the comments posted under your name on my site, with the disclaimers, in case this person's ISP wants to take a look. In the future if the comments differ in tone, form, IP address, etc, from what you guys usually post, I'll remove them.


POOOH said...

I think my team gonna win now. We win 2 home game and look good. No? Wing team not as good as some think.

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