Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Playoff Predictions-West

1) Now for the difficult part. How to figure out this mess. There are several very good hockey teams here that won't win a round. Unfair, but that's the way the NHL works. Years ago it was the other way around; with the East much more powerful from top to bottom and the West seemingly only having 2-3 teams worth watching. Like our East predictions we will go through each series and come up with our picked eventual winner.

2) Red Wings (1) vs. Predators (8): REGULAR SEASON SERIES (3-3-2). We don't see an 8th upsetting a 1st out west this year. The Preds deserve credit for getting this far, but are outclassed at every position by the President's Trophy wining Wings. Despite having an average age of 68 and not abusing Nashville during the regular season the Red Wings should have little trouble dispatching the Preds quickly.
Detroit in 4

3) Sharks (2) vs. Flames (7): REGULAR SEASON SERIES 3-1/1-1-2 Flames. They two teams fought close battles during the regular season, and the playoffs should be no different. San Jose probably recalls that the Flames were the ones who dispatched them last season. many are predicting the Sharks led by Joe Thorton, the reemerging Jon Cheechoo and Patrick Marleau along with trade deadline addition Brian Campbell to roll over the inconsistent Flames. Not so fast! They are forgetting the Flames still have Jerome Iginla, Dion Phaneuf, Mika Kiprosoff along with Iron Mike Keenan behind the bench. These Flames will not extinguish easily, but in the end the better team will prevail.
Sharks in 6

4) Wild (3) vs. Avalanche (6): REGULAR SEASON SERIES 5-2-1 Wild. This should be an epic/long series. The two teams are very evenly matched despite the seedings. The Avs are more healthy than they were for much of the regular season Keys: For Colorado, can Theodore keep up his stellar play, and can they score on the PP? For the Wild, can they hold down the Avs and play their usual low scoring/(boring) style? O paper this would seem to favour the Wild, but games aren't played on paper. We see an upset in the making here.
Avalanche in 6

5) Ducks (4) vs. Stars (5): REGULAR SEASON SERIES 5-2-1, Stars. Their close records and Dallas' regular season domination would seem to potentially make this appear to be a close series. However the combination of the Stars significant swoon, Turco's playoff issues and the Ducks intangibles of being champs all lead us to believe this won't be as close as some predict. Keys: For the Ducks. The ability to get consistent scoring from all their lines. For the Stars, to have Marty Turco play as well during the playoffs as he does during the regular season.
Ducks in 5


Jibblescribbits said...

I'd be happy with that.

That would set up a Red Wings-Avs second round in the west too (and Sharks Ducks would be pretty intense too).

jonobolona said...

I think these Flames are built to win playoff series, not division titles. Don't be shocked to see us handle the Sharks in a short series. I am very confident about this match up. I fear Detroit more than anyone.

Pablo said...

Over look my Stars. Thats just fine with me. Last coupla years we were favored ta win. Dis time we gonna sneek up on teams.

POOOH said...

I like Preditor chance against the Red Wing. We have many good player who have beat the detroit this year already. It not going to be easy but we believe in them


1) Jibble; yes those 2 western series would garner quite a bit of interest even from fans outside those cities!
2) Jono: We don't see the Flames as pushovers, and we never say never, but the Sharks if they play to their abilities should win. It just won't be as easy as some think
3)Pablo: Your Stars will go as far as Turco can carry them.
4) Pooh: Is that you in that picture? ; ) Sorry that is the series we'd LEAST expect to see an upset

Shmee said...

Right on, my bracket is exactly the same. The West seems more clear cut to me then the East. I am really interested to see the Sharks in round 2 and if any of that carrying on last season about having heart in the post season pans out this year.

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