Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Rumor Discussion Resumption

1) As most of you know we at FAUXRUMORS got our reputation in large part by breaking many of the important trade/free agent signings/stories here first. For example
  • we were by far the first with the DiPietro story. In fact the day we told our readers that it was a 100% certainty that he would get a very LONG lucrative deal with in days, the rumor whore(Eklund) had a published rumor that DiPietro would be traded to Buffalo for Marty Biron
  • LONG before anyone else; We predicted/were told by reliable sources that Lou Lamarello had handshake deals in place with his UFA's and that a deal was in place to assist him in his cap woes. We even had the team that would help them(SJ) LONG before it was announced!
  • While the first significant trade of the season went down right under his(Eklund's) nose in Philadelphia, we at The FAUXRUMORS Group, LLC were first to announce the Zhitnik deal.

2) While there are several other stunning examples we didn't want to make this a long winded pat on the back. However, we have not since our resumption from the hacking in March, been putting out too many rumor posts. The main reason is/was that there weren't really too many to report. Post trade deadline things quiet down as teams prepare for the playoffs, etc. Any rumors from early March until now we can tell you are totally fictitious! Generated to keep the paying customers happy. Very few GM's were actively talking.

3) Only teams not involved in the playoffs can trade after the season and most teams wait until the playoffs are complete to deal anyway. However, when the second round finishes in about a week, it will leave only 4 teams in the Cup race and 26 to contemplate their rosters/trades, etc. From past experience this is when the rumors really heat up. We still may not get any big deals until draft day or just prior, but the foundation for those deals usually start in mid May. So this post is just been a long winded way for us to tell our readers that we will be back in a big way where we were when we started this blog! Breaking the news before anyone else! Of course we will continue to provide unique commentary, and discussion of the playoffs as they continue. As we say: Keep it here for the latest!



I don't usually care about trade rumors until the playoffs are over. Maybe a week or so before the draft. Juicy rumors are always fun to read though!


1) We promise to send along what we hear! We're of course aren't always correct, as trade rumors are very fluid, but we believe our track record is as good as any other like-site!
2) We welcome aboard al new readers this time of year and to our very loyal following who have been with us since last fall

jmol2112 said...

I am looking forward to the real faux getting back at it! Your regular posts are gteat too, but there was nothing like your rumor posts! Loved the 'sending a message ' post 2 weeks ago! thats when you guys are at your best!

B_Washington said...

hmm maybe I'll put together a list of free agents I want to hear about.. you know ones I thibnk the Avs should target :)

Sauce said...

Looking forward to a fun and active off-season. I'm a fairly recent visitor to fauxrumors - did you publish any inside info on last summer's Islander/Neil Smith fiasco? Got any info on a Yashin buyout in the works?

Shuck-A-Luck said...

Wow, sounds all so cool! How do you get this inside info? You work for a team? the NHL? Media?

I cant wait to read!


1) Welcome aboard 'Sauce'. The Smith/Wang/Snow fiasco predated the start of this blog. Though we hear that Snow has MUCH less power than almost all the other 29 GM's, he has done a pretty good job, and the restrictions that Smith was worried about never fully materialized
2) However, make no mistake WANG IS IN CHARGE! He is the ultimate arbitor of what hapens on the Island. The buyout IS actually being discussed but no decision has yet been made we're told


1) Hey there Shuck. We are able to get great information from a myriad of contacts that have been cultivated during our many years
2) We are not at liberty nor will we ever, say what our "in", is. That is a legit question though, and we respect your, and all our readers querys


I know you can't give details, I respect that, but how about a hint as to your background? Sorry man your being just like the guy you make fun of that Eklund person with all this mystery

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