Friday, April 6, 2007

Canada On Top Again!

1) After several seasons where it seemed that Europeans seemed to be stealing a great deal of the spot light from hockey's traditional power, Canada The great White North appears to have made a nice come back this season.
2) A look at player stats shows that a European is no where to be found in the top 5 scorers. A big change from recent seasons where European players seemed to be dominant, or at least had a big percentage compared to their total numbers represented in the NHL(25%)
3) With the exception of the Calder where we believe Malkin will win hands down, and possibly the Norris where (deservedly) Lidstrom will take home yet another award as the league's best defender, every other major NHL trophy will go to a Canadian

  • Hart- Our 3 finalsist would be: Crosby/Luongo/Brodeur.
  • Ross- Crosby
  • Vezina- Luongo or Brodeur
  • Richard- Vincent Lecavalier has this all but locked up
  • Norris- Probably Lidstrom, but Niedermeyer will get a good number of votes
  • Calder- Malkin

4) Our readers north of the border should be proud of their country's strong showing this year and bodes well for them to once again thrive in the 2010 Olympics.


Antzmarching said...

HART - Crosby
ROSS - Crosby
VEZINA - Marty - all-time wins record locked this one up
NORRIS - Lidstrom - the best deserves to win
CALDER - Malkin

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I agree with antzmarching's predictions on the trophy results.

As for the top 5 scorers, it's true that there are no Europeans in the top 5, but Hossa and Jagr are sixth and seventh, respectively, so it's not a complete wash-out.


1) Oh we weren't saying that European contributions were nil this year. Far from it!
2) Europeans still contribute a great number of the skilled players on most teams. Certainly still a large percentages compared to their total numbers
3) The last few seasons though it seemed that Euros dominated even more than before, and Canada's contributions seemed to wane a bit

Joseph said...

Although I feel Sid the Kid should win the Hart..who'd have thought the Pens would have made the playoffs... But I think Marty is going to win the Hart, its all politics, and Marty has more clout. Can't argue with the rest of the predictions.
As for Canada being on well ya, its our game, Canada traditionally produces the best hockey players on the planet..Jagr, Ovechkin and Hossa aren't so bad either though. Strange lack of Yankee power in the league right now..Ebb and flow I guess..Johnson and Johnson look like they may be great American dmen of the future though.

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