Thursday, March 29, 2007

Handicapping The Hart

1) With only a handful of games remaining on the 2006-07 season we decided to take a look at who we see as the favourites to win the Hart Trophy this June. Probably the most prestigious hardware dispensed by the league. The league MVP voting this year could be the closest its ever been. If you thought last year was close and hard to figure out, this year will be even more so. Our top candidates as of today are:

  • Vinny Lecavalier- The probable Richard trophy winner as leading goal scorer, and 2nd/3rd in league overall scoring most of the season. Having a great all around offensive season. However if the Lightning fail to get into the post season, his chances of winning the Hart are all but nil.
  • Martin Brodeur- Probably having his best season(which is saying something for a Hall of Fame career) Without Marty the Devils are probably not only don't win their division, but probably would be fighting to even make the post season. If not for our next candidate Marty would probably be the winner.
  • Roberto Luongo- Ditto above. The 'Nucks got what they paid for last summer. The battle between Roberto and Marty may just come down to these two for BOTH the Hart and Vezina. Would be odd that one could win one and not the other award, but with both having banner seasons, and having such similar numbers for otherwise inferior teams, it could happen.
  • Nicklas Lidstrom- Having yet another quiet Norris winning season for a Wing team that many didn't see as an elite team this year. Yet the steady and ole reliable Lidstrom continues to amaze despite his now advanced age(37). He probably won't win, but definitely deserves honorable mention
  • Joe Thornton- The reigning MVP, Big Joe is having another outstanding year for the Sharks. His league leading 83 assists is propelling the Sharks into a potential Cup run. Probably won't win the award this time around, but will get some votes for sure
  • Sidney Crosby- The likely Art Ross trophy winner, Sid 'The Kid' is helping to carry the Penguins into the playoffs, and possibly a division title. No one expected them to improve this much this fast. Admittedly his supporting cast of young stars is impressive, but so is a 19 year old leading the league in scoring. He will get more than his fair share of votes, and if not for the two goalies above may have won easily.


B_Washington said...

I think i'd give it to Sid or Luongo.


1) Neither of your choices would be bad ones in our opinion. Both teams would NOT be leading their respective divisions with out them.
2) We still believe that voting will be extremely close, and we could still see a Vezina/Hart split for the first time


1) Note Addendum: We didn't mention him but the Rangers Henrik Lundqvist should be given some consideration for the Vezina/Hart. 2) Since his resurgence to last season's form after the holidays he has been the best goalie in the NHL. His numbers are unconscious since the All Star Break. An amazing: 16-8 with a GAA of 1.58 and a mind blowing save % of .944
3) In the last month alone he is an incredible 9-1-3 with a GAA of 1.25 and save % of .956 Surely the rangers are watching hockey in mid April, not playing, if King Henry was playing average hockey!

Antzmarching said...

Antz weighs in:

Brodeur for Vezina and Sid for Hart... I hope I am wrong, as I would much rather see Luongo and Thornton, but I am certain it is NOT going to happen...

jmol2112 said...

I HATE the Rangers with a capital H, but agree with the Lundqvist assessment. Their defense sucks, and if he's putting up those kind of stats, he MUST be good! LOL Why couldn't HE have suffered a concussion!

Antzmarching said...

By the way (on a side note), how many teams have added a FORTY goal scorer to their roster and have actually gotten worse than their last season production? The answer is a resounding ONE - Your Washington CRAPitals... It isn't as though Alexander Semin increased his goal total from 15 to 40, he scored ZERO goals for Washington last year... When is someone going to address the pathetic abilities of GM Georgie McFly and Fat Ted Leonsis?

B_Washington said...

Well I think a Vezina/Hart Split would be fine with me. I think Luongo is more valuable to his team, but Brodeur has been ever so slightly better. I don't really have a basis though because I don't watch a lot of Eastern Conference hockey, mainly because It starts and is 1/2 over by the time i get home from work.

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