Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mad-Mike Leaves the Island

1) Has Mike Milbury has finally left the Islanders? Many fans of the maligned once proud franchise would have sworn that Milbury was still pulling the strings as early as this afternoon. Now, with the apparent departure of the man, dubbed 'Mad Mike' by the media for his crazy wheeling and dealings over the years, the reigns are now in the hands of......... Garth Snow?
2) Well, not entirely, but at least with Mike's leaving the stories and the understandable paranoia surrounding the old GM still running the team can be dispelled. Snow still has much LESS discretionary power than the average GM. He still has to answer to Charles Wang and his round table of hockey advisers, but the specter of Mike is gone....finally!
3) Many around the NHL are still asking how in hell did Mike last so long? Amazingly Mike was in the sales division of the Islanders for the past 18 months. Many found that odd/amusing considering Mike's apparent abrasive nature. Evidently by his long tenure, Mike can kiss ass pretty efficiently as well.
4) Where we found Mike to be at his best was as a hockey analyst. Many might recall before he was hired by the Isles he was with ESPN. He along with Barry Melrose were the in studeo guys back then. Many felt at the time that he was better than Barry. Not holding any punches(or shoes) with his comments. Hopefully Mike will return to this medium where we feel he excelled best. Best of luck Mike!


Antzmarching said...

Who cares, Faux... The Islanders will be irrelevant in this league until Yashin's contract finally runs out... We can talk Islander hockey in 4 years... Deal?

dlyjoe5726 said...

Ya had it right at first ant lover. Who the fuck cares is the question! The fuckin islanders are a big joke and will stay a joke as long as that asshole chinc runs them.


1) Wow Dlyjoe, you disappear for a couple of weeks and Bang, your silliness remerges with avengeance
2) Now you're mixing racial slurs in with your obscenities? We allow almost anything on this blog (other than Spam), but you're treading close to the edge there sonny!


I'm not a big Islander follower, but can see how fans might wonder if he was still in charge. If they don't get rid of Yashin and get Smyth back I don't see them being a Cup contender.
I was impressed with the progress this season of their goalie DiPietro. If he continues to get better they will always be in playoff contention

Sauce said...

Yashin's contract has become much less relevant to the Islanders prospect for success for the following reasons...

1- Ted Nolan's emphasis on effort over style.

2- The relative flexibility of the Islanders current payroll structure with mostly short-duration contracts for veteran players.

3- The significant increase in salary cap expected for the 07-08 year.

4- The bargain salary for Dipietro locked in for the next decase and a half (sure, it's a bit of a risk - but if he's still playing at his current level just 5 years from now it will be hailed as a success)

5- Yashin's salary takes a significant drop during the last 2 years of his contract (which might actually make him marketable)

Sauce said...

I think 'douche-bag joe' has got an inferiority complex. He's just upset because, although he wants to offer intellegent responses, he doesn't have the reading or writing skills to do so. Pity.

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