Monday, May 28, 2007

Final Preview/Predictions

1) With the Stanley Cup Finals to (Finally!) get underway this evening we at FAUXRUMORS felt it time for us to weigh in on what we believe will occur over the next 2 weeks. Since almost every other hockey blog has had their say, its time for us to have ours.

2) Firstly a run down by positions of the strengths of each team. As we alluded to earlier, we believe these ARE the best two teams vying for the silver chalice. Lets see how they match up:

  • Goaltending: If the likes of Stan Fischler are to believed the Ducks should win easily. Stan, having called Senators back stop Ray Emery a "mediocre back up', and 'sieve' at different times this playoff year. (Oddly, Stan actually picked the Senators to sweep the Ducks!) However Emery, though not the difference in any of the 3 series wins, was NOT outplayed either by Fleury/Brodeur or Miller. He's shown he belongs, and deserves credit. Having said that Jean-Sebastien Giguere has been the differnce at times for his team. This is Giguere's second trip to the Finals so this is no fluke. Edge: Ducks

  • Defense: The Ducks may have the best top 2 defensemen in Pronger and Niedermayer, but Ottawa's 6 from top to bottom are far superior than the Ducks top 6. Volchenkov and Phillips are their best two-some we've seen in the playoffs. Edge: Senators

  • Forwards: The Senators top line has had an amazing run thus far. The Ducks do not have a top line in the same class as the trio of Heatley, Spezza and Alfredsson to match the Sens. The question will be can they continue to dominate? If not, who will carry the load? Fisher, Comrie, McAmmond,Kelly, etc have been steady defensively, but have not been huge offensive contributors thus far. On the flip side the Ducks lost a key member of their top line with the loss of Kunitz. However, their 2nd line of Penner/Perry and 'the next Cam Neely', Ryan Getzlaf has looked unstoppable as they punish opponents who attempt to slow/stop them. (Detroit could NOT!). We still like Ottawa's overall depth/skill here. Edge: Senators

  • Intangibles: As always there are intangibles that no one can foresee. Of course 'special teams' are huge in any playoff series. We feel that the Ottawa top line gives them an advantage over the Ducks on the PP, and their stifling defense should able them to be successful on the PK. That said, the "Norris twins" of Pronger and Niedermayer can not be over looked to turn the tide on either side of special teams. These are the Finals folks, the time for special players to play to their highest ability. Edge: Even

3) So now after all that verbiage its time to make a pick. We do NOT see this as being an uneven or short series. In fact there may very well be several pivotal OT games to turn the tide. We do get the feeling though that this is Ottawa's year to finally win a Cup and put that 'choker's' label to bed. We are in for a classic/exciting Finals folks. Enjoy! Ottawa in 6

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Your outline was fine until your series prediction. Giguere is heads better than Emery. We saw that last night. Emery hasn't yet stolen a game in the playoffs. Giguere has and can. Thats why i think the Ducks will win this.

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