Friday, May 4, 2007

Killer 'P's Fly Into Final Four!

1) The 'Killer P' reference comes from an inordinate number of Duck players with names starting with that letter: Penner/Perry/ Parros/ Pronger/ Paulsson. Its no surprise to almost anyone who has been following the NHL this season to see the Anaheim Ducks back to this position.
2) They were a preseason favourite of many NHL prognosticators to make it to the Cup Finals. After achieving this much success last season they went out and were fortuitously able to add a player of the calibre of Chris Pronger, didn't lose any significant free agents, and their younger players have stepped up and matured well during the regular season.
3) Their excellent regular season made them a Cup favourite and thus far they haven't slipped up/disappointed their fans. They easily rolled over a good Wild squad. Then, despite a valiant effort from the undermanned Canucks, they took them out in 5 games after last night's OT clincher. The Ducks have earned a rest of at least 5 days. No matter their next opponent,(SJ or Detroit) its likely that team will be well worn from surviving a long series only to have to face the well rested/ready Ducks!
4) By weekend's end we very well may have a pretty decent idea who the rest of the Final 4 will be.
  • The Sens can close out the Devils in New Jersey Saturday
  • The Sabres-Rangers have their pivotal game 5 tonight in Buffalo
  • The Sharks try to rebound against the Wings in their game 5 tomorrow afternoon

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