Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend Review

1) We at FAUXRUMORS decided to wait until the weekend games were over before weighing in on the contests. This blog isn't here to necessarily break down individual games. We do that sometimes, but usually we let other blogs who do an excellent job at the 'x's and o's to do that.

2) Others have already commented on the abortion that was the NHL telecast issue this past Saturday, but we feel we must also comment. As long time observers of the imbecile that is Gary Bettman, we should have seen this coming. Here we have a potentially deciding game. Going into OT(the most exciting pro-sports spectacle) and what happens? The games goes off the air for a horse race that occurred 45 MINUTES LATER!!

3) Can you imagine a baseball LCS game being supplanted in extra innings? Of course not. It would NEVER happen. Only moronic things like this happen to the bush league that Gary Bettman has allowed the NHL to become. Another of a series of dark days for the league. We feel this will only give the proponents of OT shootouts more ammo to push for that nonsense. At the very least you can expect the rules committee to make some recommendations toward that outcome. It may not be enacted right away, but within a decade or sooner it will be in there in some form. When that day occurs we will STOP WATCHING THE NHL!

4) As for the games, we aren't surprised with either outcome. Overall both were exciting contests. Normally you give props to the losing team for 'the good fight' but in the case of Buffalo we can't help but feel they choked. However, they are a young team that will be back there next year. They will need to tweak their roster and add some grit/leadership to their group of talented youngsters. We remain dubious of Lindy Ruff's abilities. Is he a bad coach? No, but he is NOT the second coming of Toe Blake either!

5) We continue to be impressed with the RedWings. Yes, they are losing 3-2, but we didn't see them staying this close with the Ducks this far into the series. The geezers, as we affectionately call them, are definitely making this a series. However its likely the end of the line tomorrow when the series reconvines in Disneyland. The Ducks are big, tough and seem to have the intangiable that the sabres lacked. The Finals if it is the Ducks-Senators, should be very exciting. But we won't get too far ahead of ourselves. the Finals preview/prediction post will take place later this week. The only remaining question is will the Cup winning goal be pre-empted?


Lloyd said...

Man i am with ya there. They start that crap with ot shootouts and I'm done too!
I missed the Ottawa game winner. I must have been in the can when they said the game was going over to versus. Or did they even mention it? I wouldn't be surprised if they just shut it off. Either way it was a huge mistake that i blame bettman for. why even schedule a game when they knew they would get bumped?

Shuck-A-Luck said...

What? Where I live the game was shown in its entirety on one channel? Weird.

As for the Sabres, they may have a tough time being back where they were this year. It seems more and more likely to me that other teams will snap up Drury and Briere. It will be interesting to see who the Sabs can find to fill in.

As for Ruff. I think he must bear a lot of this loss on his shoulders. How often did he match lines? Rarely. How did he juggle his lines when things were not going well? Seldom. What did he change up throughout the 5 games? Very little. The players needed to step up, but it is the coaches job to help make that happen. I didn't see Ruff do much in the way of coaching this series.


1) Sorry Shuck, we had intended to mention to our Canadian readers (we assume that's where you are?) that they didn't get the shaft that U.S. NHL fans did.
2) Unlike the CBC, which gives hockey TOP priority, the game on Saturday broadcast on NBC was treated much like a minor league sport and pre-empted for the Preakness Stakes (A horse race for those uninitiated)
3) They cut away a full 45 minutes BEFORE the 2 minute race even began. Why? Money of course. NBC makes almost no money from the NHL while its contract with the Triple Crown races makes them oodles of cash.
4) Thats fine of course, BUT the NHL should have known this was a possibility and makes them look bush!
5) We agree with your Ruff assessments. We have been saying for the past couple of months that he is an over rated coach
6) We see Drury being resigned and Briere allowed to go elsewhere.


1) Note/question to regular contributor "Sauce". Are you the same person having a discussion with Stan Fischler on his blog concerning the NHL and Gary Bettman?
2) If so, congrats on a great series of posts. To others on here that can be seen at:

Sauce said...

Faux - I'm one and the same. Thanks.

dlyjoe5726 said...

What a fuckin love fest we have here. the 2 lovers sauce-what a fuckin homo name- and faux making sweet love to eachother on this fuckin lame board!
meanwhile shuck a fuck doesn't know that the game on saturday was shifted to another channel. i see this blog continues to attract the biggest buckets of shit around!

Antzmarching said...

The blame for this mess lies directly and squarely on the shoulders of the "biggest moron in professional sports" - Gary "the littlest weasel of all" Bettman... He personally screwed up the ESPN contract, and has done nothing to remedy the television situation... Has anyone noticed what ESPN2 has been showing these nights? REPEATS of old games, cheerleading competitions, and poker... Sure, few people were watching the NHL then, but NO ONE is watching NOW... And, the 15 who are watching in the US, don't get to see the end of pivotal games... BUTTman gave us a lockout and a stupid trapezoid, in addition to feminizing the sport... This incompetent asshole has got to go!!!!!

Antzmarching said...

Djoe cries: "buckets of shit around!" Hey Dude, are you the piss boy?

B_Washington said...

I think the PReakness race was actually a full 1:45 later.. yes they talked about horsracing for 2 hours before the race. Which makes it even worse.

I am not in favor of the NHL crawling back to ESPN, mainly because ESPN has treated hockey like ass the last 5-10 years, and other than Gary Thorne there's no real benefit to going cahk to the 4-letter.

What I don't understand is why the NHL doesn't set up an agreement similar to the NBA's with TNT. Why can't the NHL have games on USA, or even MS/CNBC? What about TBS? In fact.. I am going to stop here and make that my blog post for the day...


1) Lots of insightful comments sadwiched around Djoe's comic relief. LOL
2) We agree B Washinton. If we can recall that far back, we believe that the NHL did have an agreement at some point with USA. That may be back in the dark ages(1980's) LOL But good points.
3) ESPN didn't treat the NHL great, but they did have a nightly show(NHL 2-nite) showed all their hilites on sports center and had a good in studeo/pre/post game show. However, the NHL is NOT the NBA/NFL so won't get the same amount of respect there, no matter what, but at least mostfans could get/find/watch the games! We agree Gary Thorne is NOT missed! LOL

Sauce said...

The only complaint the NHL can have toward ESPN is that they wouldn't give them any cash for the right to carry games. Otherwise, ESPN was an excellent conduit for hockey. While it's true that ESPN was going to cut back on the number of televised games during the regular season, they were justified in doing so... there was a reduced audience coming out of the lockout.

But the televising of regular season games is irrelevant to the NHL's predicament right now. As Faux points out, ESPN carried a nightly "NHL Tonight" show that was a perfect showcase for the league. Just what the league needed to re-attract the casual fan that would initially be more interested in good highlights and news on the up and coming young stars of the game.

Instead, Bettman sold out to Versus. And to make matters worse, he failed to exercise any influence to prevent Versus from playing hardball with cable systems that refused to carry the network on its "standard tier". That's ultimately what prevents Versus from appearing in more cable households. So Bettman sold out to a network that was willing to self-restrict its own growth in the near term in exchange for a bigger potential buck later on - the exact opposite of what the NHL needed. Idiot.


1) Not sure, but we believe the NHL recently re-upped its deal with Versus meaning it will be on the obscure sportsman channel for another few years

Sauce said...

According to Neil Best at Newsday, Versus still has another year on a three-year deal and, get this... Versus has an option for ANOTHER three years. I just listened to the Bettman interview with Mike and Maddog on WFAN-NY, and the idiot Bettman said he'd make the same decision to favor Versus over ESPN if he had to do it all over again. In other words, with full hindsight of the ratings and coverage problems AND the discontent among the hockey fan base, the dope would single-mindedly make the same mistake.

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