Monday, March 26, 2007

Why Fighting is Essential

1) As anyone who has read our blog since last summer can attest, we are unashamedly Pro-fighting! We believe it is an integral part of the game. We believe the game can NOT survive if it were eliminated as some anti-fighting zealots have advocated. We firmly believe it should not only be continued, but should be encouraged, NOT discouraged!
2) First the Hows, then the Why.

  • Totally eliminate the instigator rule! This more than anything has put a damper on the normal out let that fighting represents. The Tuckers and Avarys of the NHL no longer fear reprisal like they would have 20 years ago.
  • Crack down on the right stuff! We are fine with stick work/obstruction crack downs. They truly ruin the game, but fighting does not! How about all high sticking/slashing, etc are double minors? Make fighting also a double minor or even a 2 minute foul. As they are usually coincidental fouls, the length is unimportant, and a shorter term would mean the combatants can resume their police duties sooner

3) Why?

  • Fighting sells! If for no other reason, the NHL needs fighting to sell the game. We don't care if that ruffles the feathers of those who may be a bit light in the loafers, but that is a fact! Don't hand us the crap that 'your alienating people turned off by the violence'. Those folks can simply continue to watch figure skating if that's what gets them excited. The mistake would be to further alienate those of us who really support the game now!
  • Players want it! Take a anonymous poll of NHL-ers, and you'd see that a HUGE majority of them not only want fighting to stay as part of the game, but want the instigator rule changed/eliminated. You'd think that they would know best.
  • Fans LOVE it! Other than the pantie-waste minuscule minority who are very vocal when an unfortunate injury like Fedoruk occurs, about 80% plus of fans state they love fighting. We didn't need to see that poll to know this. Simply look around the arena the next fight you see. Folks are on their feet, and excited and rooting like crazy for 'their guy'. Which by the way is another point. The fan favourite on almost every team is their leading scorer AND the team enforcer. Coincidence?
  • It saves/reduces injuries: On the surface seems a bit odd to say, but it is true! Watch a league where fighting is illegal, and you'll see incredible stick work.(Any wonder why face cages are mandatory in college where there is no fighting?) As fighting has waned, stick work has taken off. No matter the penalties imposed, they have continued to soar with the decline of allowable tactics to deter them(fighting)

3) The minors leagues, who are more directly dependant on fan interest than the NHL seem to be way out in front on this issue. Usually they mimic NHL rules, but when they saw the instigator and other anti-fighting rules enacted hurting their bottom lines they decided that in this respect they will NOT go along with the NHL rules. The NHL should see this as a sign, and return the game as it was.


Trotz19 said...

I wasn't a big fighter in my day, but knew that it belonged. I still think there is a place for it. I wouldn't decrease the penalty to 2 minutes though. 5 is fine.

jmol2112 said...

I'm with all of you on this on efor sure faux! I go to about 30 games a year and even the games that suck the fights sometimes make the game enjoyable.

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) Nice post by our founder today. When we discussed what we were going to write about during our weekend meeting in Tampa you beat us to the punch with this topic. lol
2) Hey Trotz, why would you need to fight with Gillies, Nystrom, Bourne, Howett on your team?
3) Agree with ya jmol. Sometimes a fight is what kept people at a game that is all but over. Nowadays with the last 5 minute rule, you almost never see fights at ends of games anymore.
4) We feel this allows players to take libertys they might not otherwise take. Also allows feuds to simmer. Allow the boys to go at it when they want! Let the fans enjoy the show! We're paying enough for it!


Did you see Mr. Campbell on Hockey Night in Canada interviwed by McClean? If you read between the lines I'd say that fighting is here to stay

jmol2112 said...

I didn't see the Campbell interview for myself, but read about it. I've never liked him. His decisions are so arbitrary.
I think the NHL knows better and what he said is just some lip service to make some of the anti fighting folks happy

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