Wednesday, March 7, 2007

We're Back!

1) This is only a very brief post, and not really intended for wide spread viewing as of yet. We're still trying to determine the extent of the virulence of the person(s) who successfully derailed our previous FAUXRUMORS blog
2) He/they certainly have shown their cowardice by hiding in the shadows. Despite the enormous annoyance this initially had on us, now We have begun take this whole situation as a supreme compliment. Apparently our posts were hitting some folks a bit close to home. Evidently our sources were just a bit too correct
3) They first started with annoying posts on the blog that elevated to impersonation. We guess when that failed they resorted to computer hacking, of not only us but to the many who regularly posted on the blog. Luckily we had more than e-mail addresses of many of them,(due to the tour we undertook last fall) we have many snail mail addresses, as well as many phone numbers so we were ale to find out how far this person(s) had reached.
4) We're told that many are fed up and likely won't return to the blog, but several have expressed a desire to stick it to the person(s) who screwed with them and us, and intend to start to post here as soon as we fully get under way. ( fauxrumors2 already has signed to return, and Antzmarching has also expressed an interest to resume posting)
5) Our current time table is to get fully functional before the NHL playoffs- about 3 weeks away. Of course this all can change if the hackers are again able to infiltrate this site like they did the last one. We sadly received little to no assistance from Google on this matter. However we are NOT deterred, and intend to revive what was the fastest growing new hockey blog on the net. We intend to resume right where we left off! Stay tuned folks!
As always, keep it here for all the latest!

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Antzmarching said...

Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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