Friday, March 23, 2007

East Closer Than Ever!

1) Just when you think that the teams in the Eastern Conference will finally start to separate themselves a bit; with the contenders leaving the pretenders behind, we have a night like last night when things get even closer than they were before. Three of the 5 teams vying for the last 2 spots were in action last night and ALL won their respective games, tightening the race. As of today with most teams having but 8 or so games left, a mere 3 points separate those 5 teams!
2) The Rangers 83, Carolina 82 hold those spots today, Montreal 82, Islanders 81, and Toronto 80 bring up the 'rear'. The isles and Leafs have the fewest points, but have games in hand on the teams above them.
3) As we wrote in our post last week handicapping the race, it will all come down to who does best in head to head match ups. It should make for a great final 2 weeks of the season.


jmol2112 said...

I think you're right faux. It'll all come down to games like the Islanders against the rangers this weekend. Those games are already amazingly intense, having them mean the playofffs will make them awsome!


1) We agree Jmol. We may have to go down to the final day of the season to know who will make it in the East!
2) Remarkably, the Av's have made the west a bit interesting with their recent streak. We can't see them continuing this, but it does add some excitement where there was none a week or so ago

Stacy Schnall said...

Oh my God! I can't beleeve my ilanders lost again to the dam rangas! We gotta beat them if were gonna make the playoffs!

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