Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pittsburgh Arena Deal

1) Well, its not really news, as its been widely reported since Monday night, but we wanted to thank out Pittsburgh sources for the VERY early heads up on this. We had a post 6 weeks or so ago when things were getting bleak that this was getting close to getting done.

2) The public posturing last week by Mario and the Pends that they were now done negotiating was just that a ploy to get a slightly better deal before signing on the dotted line. There was little doubt about this getting done. In the link provided below we detailed how Gary Bettman was on board to get this done, very early. We have been quite negative about Bettman in the past, but give him due credit on this one.

3) If anyone should feel bad with all this its the KC folks. They were clearly used! Much like Nashville was used by the N.J. Devils 10 years ago to renegotiate their arena deal. (This led to the Predators) . It remains to be seen if that city will continue to pursue an NHL team. Expansion is always possible with the greedy owners, but remains remote as of now. Ironically Nashville is the team now most likely to relocate.



1) A Post Script to the above linked story, we apparently were dead-on with our Blake source/rumor as well. We were told it was very unlikely he would be traded, even when the rumor whore(Eklund) had him going out west, we stayed stead fast in our belief (based on our sources) that Blake would stay an Islander and well the rest is they say, is history


The NHL commish usually speaks with forked tongue, but he made the pale faces in Harrisburg step up

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