Monday, March 12, 2007

Simon Hypocrisy/Double Standard?

1) Yes we did say we weren't going to begin vigorous posting until April, but the whole Chris Simon incident really has caught the attention of the FAUXRUMORS group. During our weekend meeting to discuss future posts both FAUXRUMORS2, AS WELL AS ANTZMARCHING agreed that the suspension given to Simon was way out of proportion but not unexpected
2) Why? Well for starters the incident awoke the national media that NHL hockey has resumed. Some outlets that by and large ignore hockey, decided this incident needed to be shown over and over. Basically confirming to themselves that hockey is a brutal violent sport worthy of disdain and this just confirms that inane notion. Therefore the very media sensitive NHL brass had no other choice to make an example of Simon and give him in essence the longest suspension in league history
3) For the record all of us agreed that Simon deserved a suspension. There is NO place for that kind of a foul, but he and his team paid for his 'brain fart' with the game. The player was NOT even injured. How many incidents recently HAVE resulted in injury that didn't warrant much in the way of suspension? The Neil on Drury and Jannson on Karberle come imeadiatly to mind. On both of those players were injured. Thankfully not seriously, but both times the player was suspended for 3 games. This time the player hit was NOT hurt and yet the suspension is the longest ever?
4) Folks on the other side say its not the injury, but the potential injury that matters. OK, fine, the Neil hit on Drury could have been another Bertuzzi on Moore if Drury had suffered a spinal injury/neck fracture. Would the NHL have given Neil 3 games if Drury had his career ended? Of course not, so the drivel that the amount/degree of injury on the play doesn't matter is baseless
5) Ironically the day of the Simon suspension Islander defenseman Brenden Witt was cold cocked by Caps enforcer Donald Brashear. Witt was knocked cold for a few minutes. Brashear got 2 minutes! When asked about it NHL disciplinarian Colin(still a Ranger?) Campbell stated that"Last night, that was a fairly robust shift, and just before Brashear gave him the straight arm, Witt feigned at Brashear. So, what does he expect Brashear to do but lash out? It wasn't a sucker shot. Any one wanna bet that Campbell would have seen the play differently if Brashear had punched and knocked out Jagr or Crosby?
6) A strait arm? It was a right hook. If this and the other mentioned incidents don't illustrate the total hypocrisy and double standard that the NHL has for discipline nothing ever will. It would be a sad way to have Simon's career end, but as a UFA and now 35 years old, its unlikely he will be back in the NHL. One Islander source tells us if Chris decides to wrap it up he will most likely be back in their organization possibly as an asst coach either on the Island or in the minors. Good luck Chief!



Insult to Injury!
1) Apparently Chris Simon was INJURED by Ryan Hollweg! Apparently when Hollweg slammed Simon into the boards precipitating the stick incident it caused a concussion.
2) We find it ironic that the player actually injured got suspended, but the player who barely missed a shift and caused an injury got off without even a 2 minute minor!!

Antzmarching said...

It's insult to stupidity... Simon's ridiculous "hatchet" job on Hollweg was one of the worst stick fouls I have seen in a long while... However, I consider the McSorely slash to Donald Brashear's head more serious... At that point in the game, I really have no clue what Simon was thinking...

As far as Hollweg NOT being injured, I feel he is quite fortunate... Had Simon caught him a couple of inches lower, that would have been a direct hit to the throat... Who knows what condition Hollweg would have been in then... 25+ games seems a little much, but I don't have a problem with the suspension... Remember, its the NHL trying to restore an image and save face, as this incident has garnered lots of negative attention...

Stacy Schnall said...

The simon thing is total bullshit! The guy from the rangers hit him which praly pissed him off. so he smacks him up the head a bit. so what! The guy hurts simon and gets nuthing?
gary betman and colin cambell shuld be ashamed of themselves

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) Simon got hosed! he deserved a suspension yes, but so did Hollweg! Simon was injured on his cheap shot into the boards even if the refs missed it.
2) Hollweg has a history of this. He was suspended last year for 3 games for nailing Flyers Umberger for a hit from behind. Sound familar?
3) Hollwg was NOT injured, Simon was! Amazing, but typical of the NHL

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