Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Saskin Fall-Out

1) We believe the fallout from the Saskin removal has just begun. To summarize for those who haven't been following this story; The NHLPA head honcho Ted Saskin was placed on waivers (paid leave of absence) by the players following allegations that basically say he has been corrupt in his dealings. A source within the NHLPA told FAUXRUMORS exclusively that the final straw was when an employee of the NHLPA informed Edmonton Oilers goalie Dwayne Roloson that he over saw Ted Saskin reading one of his (supposedly secure e-mails). This along with other allegations have been mounting against Saskin causing the players to act now.

2) However, we also have heard from varying sources that the e-mail incident(s) are but the tip of the iceberg. After an independent investigator began looking into the dealings by Saskin he found that not only were the e-mail allegations true, but when searching for such evidence he also found several secret notes written by Gary Bettman to Saskin outlining how they would work together to depose former NHLPA head Bob Goodenow. This revelation, not a huge surprise to many of us, is still an atomic bomb for many that could possibly throw the current CBA and any future NHLPA-NHL dealings into chaos.

3) Its also not certain if the most damaging issues will ever be revealed to the mainstream press. As one source told FAUXRUMORS it doesn't help the players too much either to be painted as the fools who were being led by yet another crook, so they may elect to sweep most of these facts under the rug, hire a new non-hockey lawyer to run their organization and move forward from here.

4) What is all but certain is that Ted is gone for good, and the big winner in all this (if a winner is possible in all this nonsense) is Chris Chelios. The player/player rep that has been the most vocal anti-Saskin advocate from day one of his short but tumultuous reign. It will also test the 'new tone' that Bettman has been touting; that the players and the league are 'partners' in the new CBA. Will a new head of the NHLPA continue to view the NHL as its partner or return to the previous adversary posture? Time will tell.
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FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) The hilarious article of the day was Bettman butt-boy Stan Fischler.
2) Not surprisingly Stan loved Ted Saskin and amazingly lauded past crooks Alan Eagleson's efforts, writing:"the Union would benefit from studying the good side of Alan Eagleson's Association leadership"
3) Stan fails to mention that Alan was found guilty of embezzlement of union funds among other offenses and has widely been totally discredited/disgraced. Only Fischler could find something positive to say about Eagleson when the union was a NHL puppet. Guess Saskin had much in common with Alan the eagle?

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