Monday, March 26, 2007

Rumors and Such....

1) Just a note to our loyal readers who have asked us privately where are all the rumors that have put this blog on the map. Firstly, this time of year after the trade deadline and long before the NHL draft in late June there really is a paucity of factual rumors out there
2) Sure the rumor whores and others in the print media who really have nothing to offer but have deadlines/editors and paying customers to answer to have still been at it the past few weeks, but we at the FAUXRUMORS Group, inc, will NOT print nonsense just for the sake of it!
3) Rest assured we WILL be back doing what we do best. Probably sometime in May we will begin to share what our voluminous sources are revealing to us concerning
  • Possible Trades
  • Likely draft picks
  • Free agent news

4) In the mean time we will continue to do what has also distinguished us from the rest of the white bread hockey blogs; Telling it like it is, with our take no prisoners opinions! Expert analysis that you can get no where else. All with a touch of humor. So folks, continue to keep it here for all the latest from the race to the playoffs, to the rune for the Cup, THEN the NHL draft/free agent period

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