Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Isles Eliminated Today?

1) The N.Y. Islanders, fighting along with the Hurricanes, Tampa bay, Rangers, Toronto, and The Canadians for the final 3 playoff spots suffered a likely death blow to those chances today with the revelation that they will be without star goalie Rick DiPietro 'indefinitely'.
2) Though not reported officially, it appears that DP has been suffering from symptoms consistent with 'post concussion syndrome'. Headaches/nausea, etc. Most likely stemming from the collision suffered 10 days ago against Montreal. He missed a couple of games following this, and it was never officially described as a concussion by the team, but the signs seemed to be there. They were very secretive about the injury at the time. Even more so than teams usually are this time of year. Using the ultra ambiguous term of 'general body soreness' to describe his injury
3) Its unclear if the current symptoms are new, or if DiPietro has been playing through them. If he was, he was doing a great job. The Isles have points in all his 4 games since his return. The outlook was already not bright even with DP, as the Isles record against their next few opponents is amazingly poor. Now without arguably their best player this season, they are very close to being out of it. Duham has not looked sharp in his most recent outings, and it may come down to the Isles 3rd starter, AHL-er Wade Dubielewicz to carry the team.
4) Great news for the other teams in the race. It immediately essentially removes one of the 6 teams vying for the final 3 spots in the Eastern Conference. We at FAUXRUMORS who have been critical of the DiPietro contract, as well as his reckless style want to wish the cocky Massachusetts goalie the best and a very speedy recovery!


jmol2112 said...

I can't believe this! I have to agree with you guys faux. The Isklanders are not going to win with Dunham, or even Dubie. If Nolan smehow got them into the playoffs he should win coach of he decade! I am sooo depressed right now!

HockeyNutz said...

OPEN Letter to Faux and His Reader!

I know this is off topic here, but my conscience made me write here today. I wanted to apologize for being the one who has been trying to disrupt this blog for the past few months.
I admit it was me out of jealousy that hijacked those blog last month for fear that its popularity was growing even faster than I first thought.
I admit that I've been creating fake blog names and using the ones I stole from regular contributors here in order to try to discredit this blog. I can see now from the feedback that I've been getting that I've underestimated how popular this blog has become. I have even received some death threats from the loyal readers that faux and his associates must have cultivated during their fall tour. Please stop the e-mails. I will try to stop being such a jerk. I apologize thoroughly to anyone and everyone I have offended.


1) We of course remain skeptical that Hockeynutz actually means what he says. As we always say: 'Actions speak louder'.
2) His admission is not a surprise he has on more than one occasion sent us private e-mails implicating himself in the hijacking of the original blog, and has threatened to try to do it again
3) We are glad to see some of our previous regulars trickling back, but were saddened that Nutz decided to use their old blogs against them, scaring them from blogging, but not from commenting
4) Rest assured, no matter what further tactics are used by this person we will persevere and return/resume this blog!


jonobolona said...

I wouldn't believe him faux. He talks about you all the time on his lame blog. Its like he is obsessed with all of you. Or maybe he has a gay crush on all of ya? LOL

jmol2112 said...

OK folks if you don't mind back to the original reason for this post. Last night they didn't say that DiPietro had a concussion, just that he had headaches. Did you hear anything from your sources faux about this? You have been amazingly acurate especially about Islander rumors since I started coming here last fall. Any inside info would be great! Thanks in advance.


1) Ok Jmol here is what our Isle source is telling us this morning:
a) Yes, DiPietro DID suffer a concussion 2 weeks ago. Initially Ricky, being the competitor he is didn't want to be evaluated by a neurologist, and just wanted to rest a couple of days then get back into it
b) However when he started to get persistent headaches AND blurred vision AND nausea he and the team felt it was time to treat this properly. The team Dr. did confirm what the Isles feared; that DiPietro suffered a Grade 2 concussion and needs to rest at least 6 weeks minimum to be safe
2) This NOT Ricky's first concussion either, which if this does not respond to rest could potentially place his career in jeopardy.
3) The Isles management team/owner are VERY concerned about this possibility, even before this latest occurrence they were preparing for the possibility Which explains why they drafted a goalie rather high despite the 15 year contract
4) What ius certain is that if you see Ricky between the pipes this season it wil be against the advice of the Dr.'s

jmol2112 said...

Well if thats true it pretty much does put a fork in the isles chances of making the playoffs. Dunham didn't look too badlast night, but he is not going to carry the team like Ricky has all year
I just hope this is taken care of finally and he's ready to go next fall! This team seems snake bit since their Cup run 24 years ago now!

jmol2112 said...

Looks like your sources were correct faux. I'm sure you've heard it, but here's a link to a news story from this morning: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/hockey/islanders/2007/03/29/2007-03-29_sources_dipietro_had_a_concussion-1.html
I'm afraid your headline from a few days ago will be coming true now. We're technicly stil in it, but no way can we beat teams ie Buffalo with a back up goalie


1) Yes Jmol our Isle's source has rarely if ever let us down. Though anyone following the Isles could have seen this one coming
2)Its too bad as well. Ted Nolan has done a great job molding a group that on paper should have no business being near contention.
3) Of course DiPietro has largely been responsible for this emergence

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