Monday, June 23, 2014

The Draft No One Cares About?

1) From what we are hearing from various sources throughout the league the upcoming draft this Friday and Saturday in Philly is almost a necessary evil.  Few if any teams are looking forward to attending. Unlike other drafts where there is a buzz going in, this one appears to be more of a thud.  Almost every team seems willing to deal its 1st round, or any pick for that matter for an actual player that can play now!

2) Usually the top 3-4 draft positions are so coveted that they are rarely traded.  This year it is possible, no probable that at least 2 or more of the teams in the top 5 slots will move their pick for a return of a player or picks.  One source who is well connected tells Fauxrumors that teams in those slots are NOT going to get back what they may have traditionally expected.  Simply this draft is so poor in over all quality and has no super stars ready to step in that teams are already looking forward to 2015.  When the Connor McDavid draft will be held in Miami

3) We were also told that many teams are going to attempt to move this years pick for something next June. (If they can)  While that may happen in the latter rounds we don't believe any team will be able to flip a 1st rounder this season for one next year.  As most already know, next years draft is being looked upon as a 'generational' draft. One that may produce multiple superstars/future Hall of Famers. The antithesis of this years draft when it is believed that even the top 4 players available may not even turn out to be stars.     From what we are hearing the 2014 draft will probably be remembered for the multitude of trades of existing NHL-ers and NOT the players drafted.  Which leads us to ask; If the NHL holds a draft and no one cares, does it count?  LOL

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