Monday, June 16, 2014

Buy-Out Season

1) The 2003-2014 NHL season is completed, thus opens the off season and the first order of business is who if any players teams will 'buy-out' of their existing contracts to free up needed cap space to add other players who teams feel would give them 'better bang' for their cap-bucks.  Some will use the traditional buy-out where teams can pay 66 cents on the dollar on the remaining terms of the contract with the resulting cap penalty spread out at twice the length of the remaining contract. The other option, available this year ONLY, is the 'complience buy-outs' (CBO) where teams still pay the usual 2/3 of the players' contract BUT there is NO cap penalty. It is the latter that we expect many teams to use, although some have already used both (Flyers) and wish they hadn't (Lecavilier).

2)   We will go through each team and discuss the player(s) who we believe would be in their best interest to use a compliance buy out on. WE will go in teams' salary cap usage from most to least:

  • Philadelphia- Already used their 2 on Bryzgalov and Danielle Briere so they are done BUT may still use the standard 'buy-out' to get out from the Lecavilier contract they signed just last summer. Vinny has 4 more years at 4.5 mil left  Undoubtedly another dumb GM will sign him to a multi year multi million dollar deal once he is free. (do some teams NEVER learn?)
  • Chicago- Also already used both their freebie buy outs on Steve Montador and Rostislav Olesz. Can't see any obvious buy-out candidates at this time. We're not happy with the Crawford contract, but we never like long term deals for goalies
  • Boston- Have both their potential buy-outs available. Some believe they will use it to buy out Brad Marchand and his 3 years at 4.5 mil remaining. This was mostly a post playoff loss emotional response. We believe they would have a hard time getting back for that 4.5 mil what they give up in Marchand.  
  • San Jose- Retain both available buyouts.  Likely they will use one of them on Mart Hvlat. They could probably trade either Thornton or Marleau if they want to unload their contracts
  • Vancouver- Have both potential buyouts available. David Booth who has 1 year remaining at 4.25 mil is a likely buy out candidate
  • Los Angeles-  The Cup champs have both potential buyouts and its been long rumoured that they will exercise one on Mike Richards who has 6 more years at 5.75 mil left on his enormous deal signed in Philly
  • New Jersey- Used their first CBO on Johan Hedberg. This time around its likely the oft injured Anton Volchenkov and his 2 years left at 4.25 mil will be jettisoned
  • Washington- Used one CBO on Stanley Cup champ, 'Tower of Power' Jeff Schultz.  Although they are denying it, it would behoove them to buy out Brooks Laich and his 3 year 4.5 mil left.  His injuries and non productivity should make it a no-brainer, but sometimes emotion wins out over intelligence
  • Pittsburgh- Retain both their CBO options. No player who jumps out at us that new GM Rutherford will excise from their roster
  • Phoenix- Have both their CBO's remaining. Although its not going to happen, we'd buy out goalie Mike Smith and his 5 years 5.7 mil dollar deal. He is NOT an elite goalie!
  • Tampa Bay- Used one smartly on Vinny Lecavilier. Are rumoured to be cutting bait with Ryan Malone and his 4.5 mil year remaining. With his poor play and off ice issues its a near guarantee the Pittsburgh native will be leaving TB
  • NY Rangers- As we outlined a few times recently. They used CBO #1 on Wade Redden and are poised to eliminate Brad Richard's 6.7 for another 6 seasons contract tomorrow.  Would Nash have been removed as well if they had 2 CBO's?  A source tells Fauxrumors 'definitly'!
  • Carolina- Have 2 CBO to use if they want. The obvious one is goalie Cam Ward who is set to make 6.3 mil for another 2 seasons. A less obvious one is perennial underachiever Alex Semin who has a staggering 4 more years at 7 mil remaining!
  • Detroit-  Possess one remaining CBO after using one last summer to buy out Carlo Colaiacovo. This time around its almost a 100% guarantee they'll use their last CBO on  Jordan Tootoo to free up a bit less than 1 mil
  • Ottawa- Have both CBO yet to be used. Unlikely they will use one. 
  • Dallas- Still have both compliance buyouts available. Its very possible Oswego, NY native  Eric Cole who has 4.5 mil left for next season will be a CBO victim in Big D
  • Winnipeg- Have both CBO's left. It would make sense to cut bait with mediocre Czech goalie Ondrej Pavelec who has 3 more years at 3.9 mil. Any available UFA couldn't do any worse for 1/2 the money!
  • Nashville- Haven't yet used a CBO. Unlikely the cash-starved Preds will be using one this summer either
  • Toronto- Have already used BOTH CBO's on Mike Komarsarek, and inexplicably on Mikhail Grabovski. David Clarkson wouldn't be allowed to be CBO'ed since his dumb contract was signed AFTER the new CBA, but with 6 more seasons at 5.25 would the deep pocketed Leafs rid themselves of that mistake using the conventional buyout?
  • Anaheim- Have both CBO's left. Can they buy out Sheldon Souray and gain 3.6 mil in cap space? Stay tuned
  • St. Louis- Have their 2 CBO's if they want to use them Our sources tell us not to expect any moves from the Blues
  • Columbus- The Jackets have both CBO's.  The most likely candidate is RJ Umberger who's 4.6 mil for 3 more seasons appears to be immovable via trade, and with his diminishing role, appears to be a goner
  • Minnesota- Have 1 compliance buy out remaining after using their first one to buy out Tom Gilbert. The names that would be potentially in play are super pest/jerk Matt Cooke or back up goalie Niklas Backstrom. With the health of Harding uncertain Niklas is probably staying put
  • Colorado- Possess both CBO's.  The name we are hearing is PA Parenteau who after a very solid first season in Denver fell out of favour last season. With 2 additional seasons left at 4 mil, its likely he will be available for the Islanders to pick up cheap this summer
  • Edmonton- Have chosen to not use a CBO so far. Unlikely to use one but if they do Boyd Gorden with 3 mil for 2 more seasons might be a candidate
  • Montreal- Have already used their 2 freebies on Scott Gomez and Tomas Kaberle. Some have surmised they may use the regular by out on Rene Bourque who has 2 years and 3.3 mil/per left, but his playoffs and ability to speak French will probably save him
  • Islanders- Used one of their CBO on 'goalie for Life' Rick DiPetro.  ( BTW, they are STILL paying Alex Yashin!) Its very unlikely the Isles, who are about to be sold will buy out any existing contract
  • Florida- Have both available CBO's left.  Would they dare use one on Robeto Luongo?  Probably not, but sources tell Fauxrumors that Ed Jovanvoski who has 1 year remaining could be soon bought out
  • Calgary- The Flames still have 2 CBO's left. Unlikely, but outside chance either defensemen  Wideman or Giordano who have big contracts and multi years left will be bought out or moved
  • Buffalo-  Can use 2 CBO's this week if they choose. The rebuilding Sabres who will almost certainly buy out underachieving, but expensive forward Ville Leinno who  has 3 additional seasons at 4.5 mil left. Less likely would be  Tyler Myers who has 5 more seasons at 5.5 mil.  Buffalo wil try hard in the next 24 hours to deal the towering defensemen who has not lived up to his rookie campaign

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