Friday, June 6, 2014

Hurricanes "Trade" Rutherford to Penguins

1) Perhaps to complete the Staal trade?  Seriously though we can't fathom how anyone who has been watching either team the past 7-8 seasons can say that this is an improvement for the Penguins.  There is no doubt that that Jim Rutherford is a well respected NHL executive, but in the past 5- 10 years it would have appeared that his time may have passed.  The 65 year old former NHL goalie had spent the previous 20 seasons as the Hartford Whalers then Carolina Hurricanes General Manager. His reign's top point was when the Hurricanes won the Stanley cup in 2006. However, since winning the Stanley Cup, the Hurricanes reached the playoffs just once (in 2009), being eliminated by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Eastern Conference finals.

2)  With the team floundering,  the anchor contract for goalie Cam Ward, and ironically his trade to get team captain Eric Staal's brother Jordan taking its toll on the teams ability to improve it appeared that Rutherford would step aside and likely stay on as team president (He already was a part owner). However, once he resigned, apparently the fires within wouldn't allow him to simply retire and he let it known he would be willing to be a GM in a new location. Although that seemed a long shot, it wasn't long after the Pens fired Shero that Rutherford was contacted to interview for the vacant position.  It is still mind boggling to us at Fauxrumors that the Penguins had he and Pierre McGuire as the top 2 finalists for the GM's job. 

3) As we tweeted earlier today, "So Rutherford is an upgrade over Shero?" Most folks we have talked to are in almost as much disbelief, and were almost in total agreement that this is NOT a good move. We do have to say that the choice of Rutherford is light years better than McGuire. So what was Rutherford's first move? Firing Dan Bylsma!! Why couldn't the Penguins have done that when they fired Shero? Terrible way to treat Dan; allowing him to twist in the wind for 4 weeks. It would complete the trade IF Bylsma were to be hired as the Hurricanes new head coach! 
In summery we believe the Penguin organization is now in a weaker position than it was 2 months ago

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