Monday, June 30, 2014

Draft 'Winners and Losers"???

1) Its an annual annoyance to us at Fauxrumors reading about draft day winners and losers.  I suppose bloggers/hockey columnists have little to write about in the off season, but to proclaim ANY team a winner or loser based upon their selections in the entry draft is well beyond dumb.  Even though we're also not fans of labeling teams involved in a trade a 'winner or loser' at least in that instance we have some basis for making that assessment. Those players have an actual NHL resume to base the findings upon. In the case of the entry draft, outside of the top 5 players, anyone other the Pierre McGuire/Bob McKenzie types have never even heard of the other 200+ 17-18 year olds picked!

2) It usually takes a minimum of 5 years to really assess a teams success/failure in a particular draft. However, we rarely read about "2009 draft winners and losers" other than a day or so after the 2009 draft!  This weekend would have been that time, no?  Five years after a draft we at least should have so insight of who picked wisely and who picked crappily.  So with that in mind here are Fauxrumors draft day winners and losers (2009).  First the 'winners/losers' of Round 1
  • Islanders- Tavares
  • Colorado-Duchesne
  • Atlanta(Winnipeg) Kane
  • TB- Hedman
  • Toronto- Kadri
  • Minnesota- Leddy
  • Rangers- Kreider
  • Washington- Johansson
  • LA- Schenn
  • Ottawa- Cowan
  • Dallas- Glennie
  • Montreal- LeBlanc
  • Vancouver- Schroeder
  • Carolina- Paradis
  • Pittsburgh- Depress
3) Next the 'winners/losers from the other 6 rounds based upon players who are in the NHL/contributing:
  • Colorado- O'Reilly
  • Ottawa- Silferberg
  • Washington- Orlov, Eakin
  • Detroit- Tatar
  • Islanders- Cizikas, Lee
  • Anaheim- Vatanen
No losers would be fair here, as picking after the first round is pretty much a dart throw. Any team that gets 1 decent NHL-er from the later rounds has done its job well scouting the amateur ranks.   Overall it appears the biggest winners from that draft would be the Islanders, Colorado, Washington. Not surprising since the first 2 of those teams were picking in the top 3.  There is NO way that any blogger/hockey writer could have been able to make this assessment June 28, 2009 after the draft was completed. Sure, it looked like the Isles and Avs got better but who knew that there later selections would be keepers as well? The bottom line , it takes literally years to determine the success/failure of any particular draft and to assign a winner/loser the day after its completion is simply stupid!

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