Friday, June 20, 2014

Eklund Lays (another) Egg!

1) We had to share with our readers an amusing demonstration of the reason folks should avoid like the plague the best known rumour peddler, known as Eklund. Of course everyone knows his real name is  Dwayne Keith Klessel a gay, part time musician from Philly who rose to 'fame during the second Bettman lock out in 2004 when blogging was still in its relative infancy and before twitter took off. He was fed some limited info from the league and used as a tool by many to further their league agendas. Many then flocked to his blog to see what news he had about the lockout. (99% was WRONG!)  To his credit he parlayed that into a semi-lucrative rumour business/web site where he (still) spouts what he relays as actual contacts he has and potential trades. WE recall one site back in 08 tracked his various/voluminous rumours and found out his accuracy rate was an amazing 3.5%!  As we remarked back then, we could have an UN-trained chimp do better.

2) Fast forward to yesterday. We, as we were going through our twitter feed, found that the moron puts out a regular 'pod cast' and since I had 3 minutes to kill before a business meeting I put it on. I saw exactly what you'd expect to see. Three pudgy schlubs in their latter 30/early 40's who probably were living with their elderly parents' home and hadn't gotten laid, well, ever. Of course Eklund being gay, probably is more 'active' in tht regard. Anyway, we were amused to listen to the idiots tell us that their 'phones were going crazy' with all these various rumours. The rumour that they were discussing was the coaching carousel. Here one of the 'guests' had it on good authority that Rangers asst. coach Ulf Sammulsen was in Carolina and was about to be announced as the Hurricanes new coach.  LOL  Not more than   30 minutes later it was announced (on legit sites) that not only was Ulf NOT in Carolina at all, but they hired former Detroit Red Wings asst coach, Bill Peters! See the entire nonsense here if you dare!----->

3) Ooops!  The guy was so sure of himself. They even cut away from him a couple of times so he could 'take a call'. Ostensibly to talk with his sources. Most likely it was the guy's mother asking him to get out of bed and find a fucking job! It just is yet another example that this guy (Eklund (Dwayne Klessel) is a total fraud and anyone who give him money is a fool. Yes, we at FAUXrumors put out sourced rumours and share them with our loyal readers BUT we NEVER accept or ask for money or even advertise.  We feel that distracts/retracts from our readers enjoyment. After all this is an entertainment site. I never call myself a journalist. Eklund is an actual real Faux journalist!  LOL 
Look for our trade/free agent rumour updates upcoming. Its draft day in a week and also NHL awards coming up too. Expect posts to cover all those soon.
As always, keep it here for all the latest!

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