Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Gary Bettman

1) We will get to our Stanley Cup Finals prediction in another upcoming post prior to puck drop Wednesday, but here we wanted to mention that the NHL and Gary Bettman specifically have to ecstatic about the upcoming New York, Los Angeles Finals. Today is Bettman's 62nd birthday  and we have no doubt the celebrations started early when NY advanced to the Finals for the first time in 20 years.  At that moment he was guaranteed of  having the biggest media market (NY) against either the 2nd (LA) or 3rd (Chicago) on the NHL's biggest stage. Almost guaranteeing that the NHL would break records in TV ratings and all the buzz that goes along with that.

2) The last time NY was in this position in 1994, the NHL enjoyed an enormous boost in exposure that culminated with their first cup in over 40 years. That was against a bland Canadian team in Vancouver. Imagine now if you will having NY up against another huge American market in LA what the buzz and TV ratings should be?  Even if the games are lop sided we can't imagine the ratings will be less than they were back then for that exciting 7 game series.  Also differing then to now is that after that boost in 94 the NHL went dark for 6 months as we had our first (of 3) Bettman lock outs. Now with labour peace (for another 7 years) the NHL can ride this springs coverage right into the NHL awards, draft and hopefully into the 14-15 season.  In the mean time, the man behind the NHL will undoubtedly have a VERY enjoyable birthday

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