Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kings: Kings Once Again!

1) Firstly congrats to the Kings on winning their 2nd Cup in 3 seasons. From early in the year we felt that had that special intangible that helps good teams win the big trophy.  Their grit and determination and playing their best hockey when against the wall showed their true mettle.  We won't get too deeply into the game, there are hundreds of blogs to do that, but suffice to say winning a Cup at home in over time is one of the most special moments in team sports.

2) As we wrote 2 years ago when the Kings won their first Cup,   we fully expected they would be back here once again, and they haven't let anyone down. While they may not be a dynasty in the true sense of the word (The Isles of 80-84, and Oilers 85-90 were probably the real last NHL dynasties) there high level of play, winning 2 Cups in 3 seasons and getting to the Final 4 in the other (like Chicago) certainly makes them as close to one as the salary capped NHL will probably allow.

3) WE, and the NHL are now fully into off season mode. First off 'complience buy-outs' which can commence Monday at midnight and go for 48 hours there afterwards.   There could be some interesting names on that list,(some we have recently discussed). Following that will be the NHL entry draft from Philadelphia on June 27th and 28th. While we're told its a "weak draft" not possessing any generational talent(s) (unlike next year) it could be a fascinating draft for the many potential deals rumoured and consummated.  Following a fun draft weekend we're on to free agency on July 1. Unlike previous years, teams can negotiate (legally) with an UFA BEFORE July 1.  While its not an impressive UFA class, teams will have added cap space dollars to spend, so we're undoubtedly going to see several mediocre players get very rich!.
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