Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Can They Be That Stupid?

1) The first time we read/heard that the Pittsburgh Penguins were considering hiring current NBC sports/CBC hockey analyst Pierre McGuire as their next General Manager we chocked it up to typical hype journalism/nonsense.  How could the Pens consider bringing in a novice to be the architect of their franchise? Well, it seems where there was smoke, there is fire as we're told McGuire's 1st interview 2 weeks ago went so well he was asked back yesterday for a follow up meetings with Penguin brass.  No one in the Pens organization is talking, so its any one's guess as to who else is getting strong consideration as well, but to us at Fauxrumors that's immaterial. In our humble opinion it would be utterly INSANE to hand over the reigns to the organization to McGuire!

2) To those who aren't familiar with his past, its really not all that impressive with respect to NHL pedigree. He has never once held an upper management post as either a GM, asst GM, VP, head scout or any other positions within the front office. Has has been a 'special assistant scout' with the Penguins during their Cup run days of 91-92. Following that he had a disastrous run as asst and then head coach of the Hartford Whalers where he was mocked, disliked and generally made fun of by his players.  he even got into trouble with the NHL for giving Edmonton secret scouting reports after he had been fired!  From there he was a scout for Ottawa, was promoted to asst coach then promptly fired along with the rest of the inept coaching staff.  Anyone see anything in that NHL resume that speaks of a GM in waiting?

3) To his credit he didn't let his failure to catch on as in the  NHL as a front office person deter him from making a living in the hockey world. He admittedly worked very hard to perfect his ability to broadcast games. First as a Montreal Canadiens colour analyst then to the big time in Canada with TSN. However, a good/entertaining studio/in game analyst does NOT make for a good coach or GM. Ask Mike Milbury or Eddie (Edzo) Olcyk about that! We find it amazing that Pitt would even consider him for this extremely important position.  WE believe the firing of Shero was inane, but to then compound what we believe was an error by hiring this colossal ego maniac dunce would be the death knell of the Penguins being able to continue to compete at the level at which they have the past 6 years.  Can they really be that Stupid?

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