Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Labour Unrest Now More Certain?

1) So does the removal of NHLPA head honcho Paul Kelly bode poorly for more labour unrest come the end of the current CBA? Sorry if we disagree with the NHL/Bettman mouthpieces like Stan Fischler, and the article from an Eklund accolite Dee Karl(http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Dee-Karl/NHLPA-Unrest-Spells-Trouble/129/22724). We won't get into the specifics of the actual dismissal here. The true story may never be fully known We would also caution readers to be careful what to believe, as many hockey writers have a political bent so to speak, and angle their stories/sources around/to prove it. So be cautious when a writer cites an unnamed source as knowing the inside of why the NHLPA did what it did. Very few will actually be knowlegeable about the truth!

2) Above all though, In our opinion its all mute. It wouldn't matter a wit who the NHLPA was or is (other than Ted Saskin who evidently was a Bettman puppet and would have given the owners anything they asked). http://www.usatoday.com/sports/hockey/2007-05-10-3764202223_x.htm No matter who the new NHLPA was going to be, come the next labour negotiations if the union-)or association as Karl wants us to refer to it,) that person was going to be vilified. How do we know? The instant Kelley was named NHLPA 2 years ago Stan Fischler (one the NHL's unofficial media outlets) went on the attack BEFORE Kelley had even made one official statement! http://www.hockeyjournal.com/Article.php?ArtID=768529

3) As we have maintained, -and in our opinion the facts back us up-all recent work stoppages have been at the behest of the NHL/Gary Bettman. It was the NHLPA who was willing to negotiate and the NHL steadfastly sticking to its guns-sort of speak- with respect to the salary cap. We were led to believe that the hard cap, one without possibility of circumvention, would solve all their league's financial woes/inequities. Small markets would somehow now be able to compete with their high revenue counterparts. Of course the fact that there were 12 different semi finalist in the 3 years leading up to the 2nd Bettman lockout wasn't important to those facts we guess? Have the small markets begun to thrive? Ask a fan in Phoenix. Even a recent success story, the Washington Capitals are said to be barely breaking even, or even losing $$ despite selling out most games and playing in two playoff series.

4) As we have stated since 2007 (actaully before that, but our blog only goes back 3 years), the next round of negotiations will not be pleasent. The owners under stress from the flailing economy, and smelling blood in the water from a weak appearing NHLPA, will go for the throat- with the elimination of guarenteed contracts! Here--> http://newfaux.blogspot.com/2007/10/new-labour-war.html, and then here---> http://newfaux.blogspot.com/2008/09/guarenteed-contracts-next-grounds-for.html. So as stated earlier it doesn't matter whom the NHLPA eventually names, the NHL is going to make that person out to be Satan (not the hockey player) incarnate, and play the victim card once again. The evil millionaire hockey players depriving fans of the game they love. It worked last time, so why not again? Will the players show a spine this time? It could be quite ugly folks!


dlyjoe5726 said...

So that fucking fat bastard who owns the team here in washington says he's losing money? BULLSHIT! I go to a game very now and then. The prices aint lower than a few years ago. The place is mobbed. In the old days I could move down 10 or more rows from my seat. Now I have to walk ver assholes every time i have to take a piss. No fucking way anyone's losing money.
I hate all the mother fuckig owners and union asswipes!

Lyle said...
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Lyle said...

Yes, yes faux I have read with interest your assertion that the players and owners will have another big fight. I just don't see it. As it stands today the NHLPA is a weak organization which won't be able to unite to fight anything. On the flip side owners don't want to risk asking too much too soon. Perhaps in a decade or so your guaranteed contracts issue could get traction. For now the last lockout is too fresh and owners and players alike would prefer to have peace. If you're correct I will be first here congratulating you for your foresight.

stevens8204 said...

I agree with Lyle here. The players and owners can't shut the game down again. Too many teams are already right on the edge of going out of business.

Mr. Spock said...

I place my opinion with your readers Lyle and Stevens. I don't believe the players have the stomach for any big altercations with the owners and can't imagine the owners would want to tempt fate by asking for another huge concession like you are predicting


1) D-Joe: Your responses are always breath taking LOL Do you talk that way or just write with expletives in every third word? Ridiculous
2) Lyle/Steve/Spock: We respectfully disagree. yes, the NHLPA appears (and likely is) a disorganized tatters of an organization right now, BUT if/when the owners attempt to extract yet another huge concession like guaranteed contracts it will galvanize players much more than the salary cap did.
3) The removal of a guarantee of salary would be similar to the NFL where a player can be 'cut' prior to the season regardless of having a contract. It would glut the field with more UFA's and dilute/reduce the asking prices of midlevel/marginal players. Stars would still get big money

7th Woman said...

Uh, thanks for the link I suppose and thanks for making me have to look up WTH acolyte means. THat's sure as hell one thing I've never been called before.
And last night I did a follow-up article on the unrest. But I, just as much of the hockey media, believe that this move could spell trouble for hockey fans. The truth, according to Matt Stajan, will come out eventually. Until then, all we can do is wonder.


1) Dee/7th: The acolyte reference was a friendly jab at your Eklund association. ; ) We enjoy reading your material, even in instances such as here when we disagree with your opinion, but most of our readers evidently disagree with us on this issue. Cheers!

The Co-Pilot said...

Count me among the people who would cease being a fan if the NHL has another strike!

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