Monday, September 21, 2009

For the Love of God... Go Away!!

1) With less than eager anticipation we awaited the expected Sundin signing rumours. After all its September, it seems that this is what we discuss annually in the NHL, right? For what seems like the past 10 years Mats has been the NHL's version of Brett Favre; trying to decide if he wants to play and where. Only this time Mats has apparent company/a companion/countrymen in this, Peter Forsberg!

2) Yes, apparently (and we can't confirm/refute the stories) FOPPA is healthy. Well, as healthy as he can be these days with his perennially hurting hoof. Reports from Europe and the accurate Eklund have stated that Peter is 'as healthy as he has been in years', and is looking to make an NHL comeback. He evidently played a few games for MoDo in Sweden and didn't limp off so naturally he must want to come back here, right?

3) To both of these gentlemen, who have arguably enjoyed near Hall of Fame careers, we implore you to either sign NOW (if you ever intended to play at all) OR make a definitive retirement announcement. Yes, yes, we know Brett Favre has had 5-6 different tear filled retirement announcements that he has backed out of, but we hope that he is the exception not the norm/example we should look toward here. We are simply sick and tired of both reading about these two and the numerous rumours of where they'll land. Thus far (for those keeping score- and we know you are) Sundin has been rumoured to be signing with: The

  • Rangers

  • Vancouver

  • Montreal

  • Toronto

  • Senators

Meanwhile Foppa has been linked to: The

  • Rangers

  • Flyers

  • Preditors

4) If either of both intend to resume their respective NHL careers they should decide to do so BEFORE the NHL season commences. This new Niedermayer/Sundin trend of missing training camp and the beginning of the season needs to end. A cut off date needs to be established that if you are not under contract, and are a UFA by a certain date you are ineligible to play that season. Perhaps November 1st. Currently a RFA can't play if unsigned after December 1st but there is no such rule governing UFA's. We have had enough of this and its time to end. Shut up and play, or For the Love of God, once and for all, go away!!

4 comments: said...

You can cross the Rangers off of both their lists for one simple reason. The Rangers have almost zero cap space.

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) 5-hole: You'd think the dunces who create these silly rumours would know that.
2) Of course the fact that they have little space won't stop the rumour peddlers from making the rangers/Leafs among those interested in ALL rumours.
3) Why? Numbers. Both teams have the biggest fans bases in their respective countries

The Dark Ranger said...

Foppa and Gaborik would make for great company if we did have the cap space...I can just see it, two hypochondriacs wearing Rangers uniforms -- "Ouch, my ball-sak" followed by " skate is hurting my foot..." It certainly WOULD be the end of Slats. Maybe I would like it to happen? ;)


FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) Dark: Who needs a hypochondriac when ya have Marion Gaborik? Sorry, we were forced to say that. LOL
2) Nice to seee Slats finally came to his senses and signed Dubie

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