Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Save The Date(s), Etc.

1) Firstly we wanted to say great job to FR2 on their post o the Swedish meatball twins Sundin/Forsberg. We agree that we'd like that issue(s) put to sleep ASAP!

2) Next we wanted to remind our readers that we are working on our 2009-2010 season predictions as well as our playoff/Cup winner predictions. They will be done piece meal with the first installment the eastern Conference which we are going to try to drop by Friday, followed by the West by Monday the 28th, and our Cup favourite/playoff predictions before the puck drops to start the season in only 9 days!

3) Next to remind readers of some of the important dates for the new season:

Oct. 1: Start of the regular season
Nov. 9: Hockey Hall of Fame Induction
Dec.1 Last day for RFA's to sign or sit out NHL season.
Dec. 17-Dec. 28: Holiday Trade Freeze
Dec. 26 - Jan. 5: World Junior Championship in Regina/Saskatoon
Jan. 1: 2010 Winter Classic at Fenway Park Philadelphia Flyers vs. Boston Bruins
Feb. 15 - Mar. 1: Olympic Break
Mar. 3: NHL Trade Deadline
Apr. 11: Last day of regular season
Apr. 14: Start date of Stanley Cup Playoffs
May 7 - 23: IIHF World Championship in Germany

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