Monday, September 14, 2009

Gretzky Holds Out??

1) In (another) bizarre twist in the never boring Phoenix Coyote saga evidently head coach Wayne Gretzky is "holding out". The Coyote training camp opened over the weekend and The Great One has been a no show at this point. What we have read is that Wayne is waiting for contractual issues to be ironed out. To that we say politely, WTF??? Are you kidding us Wayne?? Unless (and we have not been told this) Wayne has been specifically told NOT to come to camp, he should be there! Even players without contracts come to camp. Its not like Gretzky is going to suffer a coaching carer threatening injury doing drills/meeting with his team.

2) Now, to be fully open with our readers we have never been huge Gretzky fans throughout his long career. We do give him his due as the best offensive player to ever lace on skates. We give him full recognition for all he's added to our game, but someone has to call him out when he pulls a stunt like this. Its yet another case of Wayne putting his self interests ahead of the team that has highly(over) paid him the past several years. Yet, we have not seen one story critical of Gretzky's actions here. Few if any will say what we all know; He's a mediocre coach (at best) and been OVER paid for the past several seasons. Fans do NOT go to games to see a coach. Even one with his stature.

3) We wonder if he's even prepared to coach this season. What kind of message does this send to the team? Here they are in a mess already and now they have to start training camp without the head man? Players have to wonder who (if anyone) is running things. GM Don Maloney has done yeoman's work in keeping things on the hockey side relatively stable, but if his head coach is refusing to show up until he is given financial guarantees then it doesn't bode well for any possible on ice improvement for this team that as of this date is left in hockey limbo. Sorry Gretzky fans, this is a black eye for your guy indeed! Get back to work or quit!!!


oilcanner said...

Your right that no one in the press dare say anything negative about the closest thing to a living deity we in canada have. Your post is spot on as usual faux. I agree on all points. Its a disgrace unless he has been told to stay away. I can't see why they would say that so he needs to be there


Like Oilcan said nobody up here where Wayne broke in says bad things about him. I agree with Faux that if he's not reporting because he's not sure if he'll get paid it doesn't make Gretz look too good.
He should go to work and show up or resign.

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