Thursday, September 24, 2009

Best News in Phoenix So Far This Year: Gretzky Resigns!

1) Sorry if we don't genuflect when the name Gretzky is mentioned. We here at Fauxrumors have never pulled any punches, and we won't start now. We have been one of the only hockey blogs that have stated what many a have been saying to themselves/whispering; Gretzky was NOT a good coach and his no show act this training camp was a slap in the face of the team he supposedly led the past 5 years.

2) As we stated last week, we felt that TGO owed the Coyote players and needed to be there at the start of camp regardless of the uncertainty of his situation. If he was eventually let go, then so be it, it should NOT have been a factor in his staying away. Certainly if he was going to step down like he mercifully did today, he should have done it long ago, and not waited until training camp had gone on for 2 weeks!

3) So why now? Apparently there weren't and guarantees that Wayne would get paid the millions he's been given the previous few seasons as the highest (by far) paid head coach in hockey. When it appeared that he'd have to coach for what the peasants received, Gretzky decided it was time to move on. Yes, in our opinion Wayne was in it for the money! No wonder we are told by insiders that he many times seemed disinterested and aloof from his players. Allowing his asst coaches to run things and take lead roles in the day to day operations of the team.

4) So in our opinion despite the odd (selfishly motivated in our opinion) timing, Gretzky is doing the team a favour by stepping aside. By allowing a real coach (Dave Tippett) to come in, we might actually see the Phoenix team achieve/live up to their potential. We don't want to hear/read more of the crap that many have been writing. How difficult Wayne had it. How he didn't have the best teams, etc. Sorry, we're not buying it. We will shortly see how bad a coach he was when the Yotes go into 2009-2010 and compete right from the get go. Perhaps not making the post season but coming a hell of a lot closer than in recent years. Wayne Greatzy may have been the best hockey player ever, but it doesn't excuse him from recent selfish behaviour and doesn't erase 5 years of mediocrity in the desert. Better days are ahead for the Coyote. If only we knew where they will be playing next year

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