Tuesday, September 8, 2009

High Stakes As Ballsille and NHL Play Texas Hold-em!|

1) For those who have been following this disgraceful situation in Phoenix the past 6 months the situation seems to change by the hour as the decision by the bankruptcy judge gets closer. The facts, even for experienced attorneys, are hard to decipher and get a hold of. We get different opinions from almost every lawyer Fauxrumors tries to ask for advice on this. so we've stopped asking. LOL

2) What is apparent from a non attorney angle is that both sides are preparing for an epic battle. With each passing day the other side 'ups the ante' a little. The latest to do so was from Jim Balsillie. He has increased his (already highest bid) offer from 212 million to 250 or so million. Significantly eclipsing the 147 the NHL has on the table. Keep in mind that the NHL is involved in the bidding process ONLY to prevent Balsille from gaining control over the franchise and moving it to Hamilton. Bettman and the owners have already made their opinions known about how they feel about Balsillie as a partner (They don't want him EVER!). So when Jerry Reinsdorf and his group pulled out it left a vacuum that the NHL was forced to fill with their bid.

3) The NHL the day prior upped the ante by stating that the moving cost of transferring the franchise from Phoenix to Hamilton Ontario would not be anywhere near the 15 million that Balsillie's side had stated, but closer to 150 million( A tad of a discrepancy). The new Balsillie offer is designed to placate the city of Glendale for the Coyotes breaking their lease. Its certainly an intriguing/smart move by Balsillie. Nobody has yet to satisfy the local government, and even the NHL's offer has a provision to move after next season, possibly leaving the city out in the cold and no monetary compensation. Balsillie addresses this hoping it will help sway both the city and more importantly the judge to allow him to bid and win the right to buy the team and move it before the season starts or at the very least by mid season.

4 So whats next? With the hours ticking away to Thursday's auction its likely the NHL will also up ts bid/ante and or state that the franchise can not be purchased by anyone they don't approve. Threatening to immediately dissolve the franchise IF the judge affirms Mr. Balsille with the winning bid. So far the NHL has stayed just short of that threat. Its their last possible move other than matching Balsillie's offer dollar for dollar(another possibility) What is certain, both sides are prepared to "Go All In" for the right to own/control the team. NO ONE at this late juncture can tell who will win this epic battle in the desert, but its a soap opera that's likely NOT to end even after Thursday! Stay tuned folks.


Jintzie said...

Great job as always there boys. You have a way of cutting through the bull and making a situation clear.
I hope this doesn't drag on much longer. We can thank God that the pre season starts soon and that might give us real hockey to talk about instead of union and owner problems.

The Co-Pilot said...

I think other than my team the Yotes have one of the better young teams in the league and it would be a shame to see them leave. We could make for good rivals for the next few years

POOOH said...

Not like Mr basilie after he try to move team here. It shame he have chance to do same on other team here. The need to stop from this happen.


1) Jintzie: Thanks as always. Hope you and Theresa are well. We are with you in wanting this thing settled. Enough already! Unfortunately it looks like we may have another Phoenix in the making in Tampa Bay!
2) Pilot/Pooh: We agree with both of you. It would be a shame for the team to leave just as it was getting good(like a Nordique to Colorado situation) and we are already on record stating we didn't like the tactics of Jim Balsillie

BleedBlueandWhite said...

What is wrong with some people?? This man has the money to make this team profitable.Ontario ,Canada is a fantastic market for hockey. Not to mention JB has offered compensation to the city of Pheonix.Gary Bettman is a boob!! When all the dust settles JB will have an NHL franchise and Gary the don't know what i am talking about Bettman will be out of a job. Its unfortunate that pheonix is going to lose their hockey team.Obviously there is a reason they are losing it. My guess would be no FAN support. We had to see our Winnipeg Jets move to U.S.A also the Quebec Nordiques. Because of the fact there was no fan base.Gary Bettman had no problem moving a 2 teams to the United States. So why is there a problem moving a team back to Canada?? Hockey was invented in Canada. Its time we add more teams to a sport that is enjoyed by MOST Canadians.

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