Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Was The Fix In?

1) We have received many E-mails (and we thank all of you for your interest) concerning the apparent 'about face'; with regard to the Sean Avery situation. We went very on the record relating what we heard about his reinstatement. We were told as recently as last week that Dallas would/may let sean-to-rot-in-minors. So what happened? We simply had to know why Dallas would make this move.

2) One source, who we regrettably didn't ask for input prior to the report we published last week, was quite direct in his assessment based upon what league sources have told him. That in essence Gary Bettman and the league office intervened on Avery's behalf. Not quite forcing, but being quite persistent in urging the Stars, and specifically owner Tom Hicks to release Avery from his banishment. Interestingly also this source went on to admonish us at Fauxrumors. "Guys, this has been a done deal since late January". We guess it was a great secret if many other folks who we respect apparently didn't get the same memo! LOL
3) As we wrote yesterday, keep that 'refresh' button finger ready all day. We hear several minor-moderate trades are ready to be announced by Noon Eastern.(The deadline is 3:00 p.m. Eastern) Few will affect the balance of power going down the home stretch/the playoffs, most will be 'tweaks'. We continue to hear that there will be no Huge blockbuster deals today, but as we cautioned in yesterdays post, only the 30 men who make those decisions really know. It should be a fun day. As always keep it here for all the latest!

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Antzmarching said...

Predictable, yet totally absurd... How much $$$$$$$$ did Dallas get paid off to allow this nonsense to occur... Sounds a little like the Mark Messier for Louie Debrusk trade, doesn't it? League intervention on the Rag$ behalf... By the way, the Blueshirts gave up way too much for Derek Morris... He has never done anything in his career - he's a bad Redden... Enjoy him MSG!

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