Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week 20 Results

1) Another crushing week for us. Going an abysmal 4-7 on the day to drop our season long total to 134-1-3 or a .565 winning %. We even dropped our Lock of The week in Montreal. We knew going in that there weren't any 'gimmes' in our Locks, but still the way the Habs have played recently combined with the second of back to backs you'd have to feel confident the 2nd best team in the NHL could handle them. But Noooooooooooooooooo. LOL

2) Anyway, we will be back for week 21 the first post trade deadline week next Saturday when 10 games will be on the docket. In the mean time the trade winds are a blowing. We wil up[date our player board as need be up to Wednesday. Also FR2 will be publishing their Power rankings this week. It should be a fun few days coming up. As always keep it here for all the latest.

Post Script: We urge/ask all readers who may come across a "Fauxrumors" response that seems to be 'out of character' on other blogs to alert us. We have been told that perhaps our nemesis/impostor may be back it by going to blogs we regularly visit and making disparaging comments using our name. If you come across such a posting, please inform us here or write us at

UpDate: Thank you to Chris Botta of "NY Islanders Point Blank" Blog- We wrote him today explaining the issue Metalchick and others wrote to us about. We received this response:" No problem at all, Faux. I didn't think it was, which is why I kept the Comment but took off the link to FR. Appreciate hearing from you...CB. We respect a guy as busy as Chris is to take the time to write back and set the record strait!

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Antzmarching said...

WOW, what the hell is going on here? I was 3-6, for a season total of 89-65... .577 winning percentage, down .100 in the last month... Not good!

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