Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are Habs Now Better?

1) With the not-so-shocking news that the Montreal Canadiens relieved Guy Carbonneau of his coaching responsibilities (fired) later yesterday we are left with the question, Does this make them a better team? Certainly we felt that was the case in Pittsburgh when Therrian was let go, and to a lesser degree, albeit only in the short term, in NY with the Renney firing. So did Gainey's move make this 100th version of the famed Habitants from Quebec any better than they were 24 hours ago?

2) In a word, no. With all due respect to Lou Lamarello, we have never been big fans of GM's coming down from the press box to assume the coaching reigns. We don't feel it usually changes the dynamic within the dressing room. Certainly here it does not. Sure there were grumblings, mostly from the impatient fan base, but it wasn't like 'Carbo' was an incompetent coach like in our opinion, his former Pittsburgh counterpart. Guy was well respected throughout the league.

3)Carbonneau a finalist for the Jack Adams Award only last year, was let go after nearly three seasons as Montreal's head coach. We understand that its easier to replace 1 man than 23. However it should be noted that this team was and is in need of a make over and had problems FAR deeper than its coach so replacing him really won't change their fortunes. From what we have been told Gainey has been agonizing over this for weeks, hoping that the team would 'snap out of it' on its own. After he was unable to swing any deals last week BG was left with but one bullet in his arsenal, and he finally pulled the trigger late yesterday afternoon. Its too bad his team was already DOA before this move.


Thomas said...

The only thing that might possibly improve this team is that Gainey is the GM and therefore makes the contract decisions.

The Habs are stacked with soul-less, character-less players who are only in it for the money (which is in fact their biggest problem, not strategy or lines). Kovalev being the textbook case of the Eurotrash pansy who couldn't care less about Cups as long as he gets paid. So having Gainey in the locker room might actually generate a little more effort.


1) Thomas: Your point well taken, but in the case of Kovalev he's probably past the point that working for his next contract is going to motivate him now more than yesterday

Antzmarching said...

The move really can't hurt... This sinking ship that is the Montreal Canadiens still has some time to save their season... Besides, finishing in the top 8 will help push the Rag$ out of a playoff spot... GO HABS!!!

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