Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sean To "Rot" in the Minors?

1) Despite the media generated rumors to the contrary, we have learned at FAUXRUMORS that its MORE likely than not that Sean Avery will play out the season in the AHL. Of course we had to ask, why? Our sources tell us that there are several reasons, but the most likely is the salary cap in Dallas. They went on to explain how its actually disadvantageous for the Stars to bring back Sean on 're-entry waivers' this season. He said that if the Stars were to do that, they would be on the hook for 1/2 of Avery's remaining salary, or about 1.6 million in cap space for the remainder of this season and 3 more seasons to follow. He went on that owner Tom Hicks is not enamoured in paying another team to have one of his former players assist them in winning. Another source also stated that Hicks also is so pissed at Avery that he might even consider having him remain in the AHL until his contract expires in 2012!

2) The most likely scenario we have been told is that Dallas will wait until the buy out period(June) when they can buy out Avery at 2/3 of his contract. They would still suffer a salary cap hit, but it would be about 1.3 mil spread out over 6 years. That source also indicated that Dallas might shop Avery at or before the draft after teams see how he performs in the minors. Hoping to unload all of his contract, but they understand its a long shot at best, but not impossible. WE at Fauxrumors like the Hicks idea of keeping him in the AHL. Sure Avery gets his full salary, but Dallas doesn't lose any cap space and they could perhaps revisit the buy out option next year when the cap hit would be reduced by a 1/3. What is certain is that its not a done deal that Avery will be wearing a Ranger jersey this season.


The Dark Ranger said...

My gut agress with you. Sean is an AHL'er through June. Someone will pick him up because he remains a solid hockey player. His actions that got him suspended shouldn't punich someone for 3 years, but perhaps it's everyones (including) collective punishment for years of 'being an ass'.

And who says making almost 4 mill ayear to play in Hartford is punishment??!


1) Dark: Yet the published reports of his imminent return to Broadway persists. We wonder how much the league is pushing this?

NYIsles1/IslesTigers said...

He's not playing for Hartford because Sather is his friend and buddy after that wonderful arbitration hearing and send off from his Ranger teammates last summer.

The Rangers are going to demand he be put on re-entry waivers and Dallas pays part of his way or Sather is going to kick him off his AHL team.

Next move goes to Tom Hicks and management by committee in Dallas
who could buy him out and maybe take less of a cap hit than by putting him on-reentry waivers.

I don't think the league cares one way or another where of if he plays.

Nick said...

You blew that one, Faux. Sean was, in fact, claimed on reentry wavers. This is one of the few times I've ever actually seen you get one as wrong as you have this time though, which says something about your good track record.

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