Tuesday, March 3, 2009


1) Its a mere 24 hours until the heralded trade deadline. Rumours are flying fast and furious. A few minor deals have already taken place, but as of this time no major trades have occurred (yet). Folks like us who are interested in such transactions will be sure busy the next 24 hours 'refreshing our favourite sites repeatedly so as to get the info ASAP from respected news outlets.

2) As much as we have some connections to various folks, and we have gone on record relateing those http://newfaux.blogspot.com/2009/02/trade-bait.html it should be noted (and Eklund will never say this) no one knows exactly whats going to go down between now and tomorrow afternoon. Sure we have insiders who have given us a few heads ups on various discussions, but there is no way in hell ANYONE outside of the actual 30 GM's know when and the exact details of any deals. Even among those 30, they of course aren't privy to discussions their colleagues may be having.

3) Which of course explains Eklunds amazingly bad track record. Someone has apparently been keep track. Respected hockey blogger Greg Wyshynski has, and according to his stats from January 2008 until today Eklund has correctly 'predicted a whopping 10 rumors, and been wrong an amazing 381 times for an "accuracy rate" of 2.5%! Case in point the recent/ongoing Guerin-Islander trade issue. Even the most connected folks have been all over the map in predicting where he will end up, and as of now all parties are in limbo as discussions apparently continue. We hear more than one team might be involved, but there in lies our point. Even the best/most connected site/individual can only give a rough estimation based upon reports from folks with knowlege, but a fluid situation can not be made into a concrete statement of fact with out major error!(see Eklund above)

4) As the hours track down to the deadline we will be with each of you waiting to hear the exact details of the deals as they are consummated. We are still hearing that no huge mega deal will likely take place between now and then (no non UFA-star will be dealt), but a flurry of lesser deals can be expected. One source told us that there aren't too many big time sellers and the initial prices have been so steep that GM's are waiting it out to hopefully get the asking prices back down to a manageable level. If past years are any indication once that first semi-major deal is made a bunch of reactionary trades to 'keep up with the Jones' will then take place. In the mean time its'refresh...refresh....refresh, etc'. Exciting times for all of us!

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