Monday, March 30, 2009

Norris/Central Division Kings of NHL?

1) Firstly, for those under 25 the Norris is the old name given to the current 'Central Division before Gary Bettman decided to NBA-ize the NHL with geographical divisional names instead of the NHL's previous novel/unique way of lionizing previous builders of the league with named division/conference names. In the 'old days' the Norris was almost a metaphor for bad or at best mediocre. That trend continued into more recent days as the Red Wings and most recently the Predators were the only teams in this division that were playoff calibre. The other 3 teams, St. Louis, Chicago and Columbus were seldomly good enough in recent years to even make the post season, let alone be a Cup contender.

2) Hey folks, that appears to have changed! As we write this post: ALL 5 Central Division teams are in the post season! That's right, this is NOT a misprint! If the season ended today 5 of the 8 playoff teams from the Western Conference would hale from the Central Division! Who in their right mind saw that coming?!? Certainly we at FAUXRUMORS did not. Sure we believed that the Black Hawks would be better, but didn't think the Jackets or Blues would be quite ready yet to compete for the top 8 in this tough conference. We also foresaw a possible tumble by the over achieving Preds as well. Apparently this is not to be! Yes, there are still 6 or so games left and the Ducks, Oliers and Wild may have something to say about this Norris reunion, but we needed to use this mornings standings to illustrate how much improved this previously dregs of a division has become! Way to go men!


CHAD said...

The central is back man! No ways noone is gonna say we's the weak cusins no more. If we take 5 spots in the playoffs then we gotta get the respect we earned.

shuck-a-luck said...

The part that you missed on here was that Detroit is still dominating the conference even though we're playing these realy tough teams night in and night out.
No more saying we have a great record playing bad teams every night.

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