Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Take Off", East! Great White North Teams From the East Get shut out of the Playoffs?

1) There is little doubt among a majority of hockey people that the Western Conference is superior to the East. It has been that way since the lockout, despite the relatively even ratio of Cup winners. However this post concerns the team up north. As of this writing, it is very possible that all 3 teams from the Great White North that reside in the Eastern Conference may miss the post season, while all 3 teams out West may qualify.

2) This of course is subject to change over the final 10 games, but the way the Canadiens are playing the past 2 months and being in the precarious 8th spot its only a 50:50 proposition they get it. Despite their torrid pace since their coaching change and the trade deadline the Ottawa senators are still 7 points out with 10 games to go. A steep climb to be sure. The Maple Leafs of course ere eliminated in October. ; ) Meanwhile out West both the Flames who are solidly in front of the tough NW division and Vancouver Canucks behind them are pretty much locks to get in. The Oilers who to the credit are a decent 3 points into the playoff picture holding down the 7th spot in the ever changing landscape of the bottom of the Western Conference playoff picture.

3) Going back the past decade or so this has never taken place. Both the East and West has had at least one participant in the playoffs every season. It has in fact usually been 2 or more, with the East placing 3 teams from Canada in the 03-04 and 01-02 seasons. The West NEVER placed 3 teams from Canada over this time. Will be interesting to see how the remainder of the season plays out, but we are sure it wouldn't be good for ratings on CBC, etc.

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