Friday, March 13, 2009

Larry Swings and Misses!

1) We are unapologetic fans of NY Rangers beat writer Larry Brooks. We admire his work as a hockey writer/columnist. We admire how he sticks to his guns with respect to issues within hockey he feels passionate about. (We don't always agree with him, but you know full well where he stands(Ask John Tortorella). Brooks is usually on the ball with respect to various issues/rumours within the game.

2) However when we read a story and know its totally fabricated we feel compelled to set the record strait with the facts. The story we're referring to is Larry Brooks' Jagr to Edmonton near miss' story. That if not for the Cinderella story of his team suddenly making the playoffs JJ would have been able to play in the NHL this year. Of course there is no way to disprove a negative (ask Ekund-LOL), but we have VERY strong evidence that Jagr NEVER was close to returning to the NHL this season. Least of all to Edmonton. We have to hand it to Brooksie (as his buddy Tortorella calls him) to make the scheme so elaborate. Actually claiming that the Oilers put in a "poison ill" provision of an extra season at 7 million to prevent the Penguins from claiming him off waivers. We had a fall down LOL on that one!

3) OK, now as FR was last week, we at FR2 will be the voice of reason here. As Detective Friday said: Just the facts ma'am:

  • Fact: Jagr's teams' rise was hardly a Cinderella story. in fact his team was one of the highest paid teams in the KHL. The NY Yankees of the Kontinental League if you will.

  • Fact: Edmonton NEVER made any formal overtures to JJ. They did ask his agent if he's interested, but it ended there!

  • Fact: Jagr NEVER intended to return to the NHL this season! Say what you will about him, he's a man of his word, and he gave his to his KHL employer

  • Fact: Jagr DOES want to return to the NHL, but ONLY on HIS terms!

4) Sorry Larry, but facts are facts. Now from there we can all speculate, but from the limited we have heard from various folks around the league about where Jagr might end up its almost assuredly going to be to an Eastern Conference team (Unless Detroit calls). If we had to handicap h race we'd say the teams you're likely to read about on Eklund or Brooks' columns will be the Penguins and Rangers.


The Dark Ranger said...

It will definitely be an Eastern money is on Pittsburgh. The fan base wants him back and he has even publicly stated that he owes everything to the organization and the Big 'L'.

Brooks is solid, but there have been moments where he writes as if he was actually writing for the NY POST. Also, we think he might take some thoughts from us hockey bloggers -- interesting stuff.


czechmate said...

I can't see him co-existing with that douchebag Lemieux, or in a situation where he's not the main cog in the machine, so my money is on the Rangers... Jagr has too much pride to play second-fiddle to Crosby or Malkin...

Besides, why help a fan-base in Pittsburgh who essentially turned on him when Lemieux came out of his 8th retirement? I can't see it...

The Dark Ranger said...

The Rangers don't want him. Tortorella would bench his lazy ass. ;)


1) Can't see him playing in Edmonton, Else why even leave Siberia? ; )
2) The Tortorella-Jagr dynamic would be an interesting one to watch. No doubt it wouldn't go well if the team didn't perform

Jagmania said...

Sounds more like Newfaux swings and misses!

Latest on this issue available from James Mirtle (

FACT: Not only did the Oilers make formal overtures, they had a deal in place with his russian club and Jagr knew of the deal, and would play for Edmonton if his club wanted him to.

I suppose an apology to Larry Brooks would be in order?


1) Jagmania: No apology necessary. We stand by our sources here. Yes, as we wrote Jagr's agent was approached by Edmonton but a deal was NEVER immenent.
2) Jagr, as he states in this article, never intended to break his contract and a deal with Edmonton was NEVER close

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