Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why Emery Should Send a ThankYou Card to Bryan Murray

1) Of course we don't expect the oft maligned(deservedly) former Senator goalie to send an early Christmas card to his former coach/GM, but he should. Why? Well, in our opinion Murray did Emery a HUGE favour by buying him out.

  • Emery will lose 2/3 of the anticipated salary, but still will get close to 900K for the next 4 years for nothing

  • Emery becomes an Unrestricted free agent. Here is where Emery potentially wins. This year there are few reliably good UFA goalies. Huet, and perhaps Theodore. After that as FAUXRUMORS pointed out yesterday, the options become limited! As such Emery becomes a wanted man and could very well earn MORE in a new deal than he would have with his former contract with Ottawa.

  • Adding up this new(possible more money to the 'free' money he will get from his old team, and you can see how Ray makes out like a bandit

  • Above the monetary enhancement, just getting away from Ottawa, will give Emery the new start that will probably reignite his career. At only 26, he really is young for goalie standards, and has probably yet to achieve his potential.

2) Therefore at the end of the day, Mr. Emery should acknowledge that his former team did him a HUGE favour by discarding him. Of course don't hold your breathe on that.


CHAD said...

My boy Ray was dissed. He aint gonna kiss no ass to say thanks for the dissin.
he might make out in the end of this thing, but he aint gonna say thank you to the senators. i think they been trashin him all year. They might a hurt his career by doing that. I would like to see ray set up shop in my hood. Lets boot the russian dude and put in the brother.


1) Chad: We don't disagree that there were some issues on the parts of BOTH Emery and Ottawa mangement. certainly neither are blameless, but we'd hardly say that it was all the fault of the Senators
2) The point of our post was that in the end, Ray will benefit from the buy-out. Possibly benefit very well, and possibly do even betetr than if he stayed put. Time wil tell. We don't expect he'll be heading to chicago though. Sorry.

Shmee said...

I agree -- he does owe Murray a thank you. Emery was lockeroom poison in Ottawa, and Murray didnt have the patience to put up with him anymore. But in the NHL, anything is forgiven with one good season, and I think Emery has that in him. IMO, he was overhyped during the 07 season, but he is a good goalie. He just needs to sign a bargain deal somewhere (cause its not like he needs the money) and turn it around.

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