Monday, June 2, 2008

Add Another Year to the Banner Tonight!

1) Few who read this blog should have been surprised with what transpired Saturday night in Pittsburgh. As we surmised, the Red Wings simply did not allow the Penguins to play their style of game like we saw in Game 3, and the result was a return to the style and the results from games 1 and 2.

2) Even a late 3rd period 5 on 3 was not enough to allow the Penguins to tie the game.(If the refs called it that close all game, there would have been 30+ restraining fouls) It was here that the ConnSmythe trophy was won by Henrik Zetterberg. He almost single handedly killed off that last gasp opportunity for Pittsburgh. Showing on one sequence his excellent 2-way abilities with a fine back check to stifle a Sid Crosby chance, then skating and ragging the puck/killing valuable PP time, then even getting a 5-3 short handed shot on goal. If/when Detroit wins tonight, Henrik will win the playoff MVP award as well!

3) So what do we expect to see tonight? Probably another repeat of games 1,2 and 4. We don't foresee and early blow out, however if the Penguins start to get frustrated and the Wings get an early lead, the Pens may start to take chances and the Wings could end the game/series before the 2nd period is even over with a 3+ goal lead. We would not expect a wide open contest. In the end we will see the first European born captain Nicklas Lidstrom handed the Cup from Gary Bettman. The RedWings have been the best team from the beginning of the season. That season officially ends tonight!


brokebackguy said...

I don't like Detroit. I think they are gonna win tonite too.


I have to say I agree with your Zetterberg choice. He would probably tell you that he is only one player among many who are responsible for the Detroit success. I think about 5 guys could win the MVP award. Its amazing that this team is so full of talent yet there isn't one guy who stands out.
Now, I hope we go out there tonight and grab the bull as they say. I agree if we get a lead it will deflate Pitt.


1) Keep it about hockey guys. About to start OT period 3 in a second. Great game! Kudos to Pitt for tying the score and making this a series, regardless of what happens the rest of the way.
2) Geez these commentators are clueless! No wonder they all(milbury, Olczyk,Mcguire) all were fired!

Pink is for MEN! said...

I guess one should never count out a wounded Penguin. This OT had a Penguin victory written all over it. They get dominated all OT and then get a lucky bounce off the ref's ass and they win the game. That's playoff hockey.

I am just glad the penalty call was legit unlike the previous two bogus goaltender interference calls. This one was a clear highstick. Good call.

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