Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Staying Alive!!

1) Wow is all we can say. What an entertaining game this evening/this morning as we saw the Pittsburgh Penguins stave off elimination to extend the series to a Game 6(tomorrow night). So many story lines tonight:

  • The injuries to several Penguins most notably Sergei Gonchar. He was their best all around defender all playoffs and he was seemingly lost for good with an injury in the 3rd period. He did not play in the first 2 1/2 periods of OT but miraculously returned to help the Pens PP score the game winner

  • The amazing work of M-A Fluery. The oft maligned Penguin keeper stopped 55 of 58 shots thrown his way, including an incredible 24 in the OT sessions. Some in the spectacular category. Can anyone now say that Osgood is the better goalie after tonight's performance?

  • The Wings appeared to have the Cup won in regulation. The celebration in the stands anyway sounded like it had started prematurely as fans chanted ' We want the Cup', as time ticked away. However Max talbot had other plans for his team as he knocked in a rebound with a mere 35 secionds remaining to stifle the crowds jubilation.

2) We give the pens tremendous amounts of credit for gutting this one out. We at FAUXRUMORS did NOT give them a shot at winning tonight and they showed us something this evening/morning. They may not win the Cup, but Detroit should now lose that bit of a swagger, and the pens should be a confident bunch that they can indeed skate with the Wing. Detroit has human players afterall.

3) So what happens from here? We fully expect to see the pens come out storming in the Igloo tomorrow evening. The key will be can the Wings withstand the onslought and play their style of game? Can Osgood playbetetr than he did tonight. He wasn't the rereason for the loss, but he wasn't solid looking either. he will need to be if Detroit want to avoid a return to The Joe this weekend. Either way, it should prove to be an exciting contest. Can the penguins stay alive to play another day?.


Pink is for MEN! said...

No better way to start your day then with a dose of Johnny T in his titey whiteys!

The game last night was exactly what anyone would expect. The Penguins were domintated all game and but for a couple of lucky bounces would be out. It seems that when a team is desperate like they were things just bounce their way.

BackDoorIs4Me said...

I think this game held no surprises. The refs allowed the pens to get away with whatever they wanted and called the Wings on two garbage goalie interference calls.

I don't think the Wings will give the pens another chance to be close. Blowout in game 6.

And I must say Im more of a Vinny Barbarino guy, but anytime you put Travolta in tight pants you have a winner.


I still can't believe we didn't win last night. We had so many chances to end it but seemed unable to hit the net when we had the chance to end it. I hope the team doesn't get too dow and get back at it tomorrow!

blaine said...

I love how the fans in that dump in Detroit got all excited then had to sit their asses down and watch as they lost one of the longest games in history. I can see a hangover that the penguins will jump on! I am no penguin fan, but i hate detroit and their fans!

Ron said...

That was the best game I've ever seen! I have to admit I didn't think we were gonna win. I about turned off my set when we squandered the lead in the 3rd. I still can't believe what I saw when Gonchar came back and Sykora predicted he'd score before he did. This was a story book ending. I just hope we can carry it over tomorrow! I am as confodent as I have been since the series started. We can beat these guys.


1) Pink/Backdoor(Hockeynutz) Feel free to express your alternative life style comments on your blog, but keep the discussion on hockey here. That said we are in agreement with respect to your hockey comments.
2) Vlad: Your team has too many vets to allow this crushing defeat to 'hangover' as some have put it.
3) blaine: A Mapleleaf fan should never gloat about any other teams' woes. Your team hasn't won a Cup in 43 years, and doesn't even have a coach.
4) Ron: You can be sure you weren't alone in Pittsburgh last night.

Ron said...

Getting by on adrenalin here at work today. Probably would have called i if we lost. I bet the whole dam city would have too.

Zulu as Kono said...

Another good thing about being here. We get to see those late games at prime time. I started to see yesterdays game after I had a late lunch and the game was over by dinner time. No complaints about being tired over here boss.


1) Remember folks, feel free to comment about the post/hockey in general. Specificly Hockeynutz and his new plethora of gay ID's will be deleted according to these long standing rules of the FR blog

brokebackguy said...

How did you know I was also the Hockeynutz guy? I don't see his anme used on here?

How can you tell we are the same person?

Let us in on the secret fauxrumor.


1) Broke(Hockeynutz) Your kidding right? For one we can track IP adresses and your posts whether from this guy(or your other gay-philic ID's) or your original blog ID are from the same address
2) Besides all your entries have the exact same writing style. Whether it was shuckaluck, etc, we always could tell when you were up to your shenanagans. Nice try though. LOL

brokebackguy said...

I don't even know what an IP Blog is. But now I know how you caught me, whatever.

I enjoy copying other IDs I find on here too. All I know is I find screwing with this interesting and I thought it you wouldn't know. But I can see why you'd think I'm now becoming weirder and weirder.

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