Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trades Winds Blowing in Ottawa?

1) Its still 30+ hours until the 2008 NHL Entry Draft is set to get underway in Ottawa and it appears that the big intrigue surrounding the weekend is more on who will get dealt than the players about to be drafted. Sure we're told this is a 'deep draft (again, we ask, what in hell does that mean!?), but there is no Sid Crosby or Alex Ovechkin this year or a John Tavares, the anticipated top prospect in 2009 NHL draft. There are several big name players who we are told could be on the move by Saturday evening. This seems to be overshadowing the big name prospects whom this weekend is supposed to be all about

  • Ollie Jokinen- We have heard from a reliable source close to Florida(and its recently been made public) that Ollie wants out of Florida. This is a change from last season when these same rumors cropped up and we dismissed them as nonsense. This time there is validity to them. We're told Jokinen was fed up with the lack of improvement the organization has made. Specifically their choice to keep Martin as GM, and their choice of coach didn't enthuse the Finn star forward. Over the next day or two (or more if this deal takes longer to consummate) you'll undoubtedly hear every Canadian team rumored to be his destination. We have been told that the front runner for Ollie right now is Nashville. We're told they have offered their first round pick this season as well as RFA Shea Weber who we're told the Preds have been in contract talks. Apparently they are not going well and are willing to trade his rights. The Panthers may add another asset to the deal as well.

  • Patrick Marleau- Another seemingly perennial trade rumor mention. However this time around it appears his availability is not total nonsense. We're told GM Doug Wilson is down on his captain and feels the need to shake up his talented, but perennially underachieving roster. Our favourite west coast asst. GM source has told us that 'it wouldn't shock him to see a Spezza-Marleau swap this weekend'. A much less complicated deal is also possible, but for sure Wislon is listening to offers for he and also Cheechoo.

  • The entire Maple Leaf roster (well almost)- No surprise here. The TO media will hype this of course, but there is some truth to many of the rumors out there. The never ending Mccabe to NY Isles rumor won't die. Why? It makes too much sense. However, don't look for the Isles to make it easy on Fletcher to reacquire their former captain. Darcy Tucker is headed out west or will be bought out. LA has their eyes on the agitator, but they may wait until after the weekend to deal unless they feel other teams may try to nose in on Darcy. Jason Blake (The Mastedon trophy winner) is staying put. As a scout told us: 'Just too much dam salary and cancer'

  • Jason Spezza- who signed a seven-year, $49 million contract extension during the season, scored 34 goals and added 58 assists for 92 points in 76 games with the Senators in 2007-08. As we previously mentioned the fomer 1st rounder is on the block. As we have been told in the past 'he has the skills, but doesn't like to get his uniform dirty'. Murray will want a big return for the offensively gifted centre, so there won't be a huge number of potential suitors who would be able to afford the Sens price. The Sharks (as mentioned earlier) and Florida are the top potential destinations. Would the Panthers offer RFA Bowmeester?

  • Jay Bouwmeester- (See above) We find it difficult to imagine the Panthers would trade both Jokkinene and Bowmeester. If we were a fan of Florida we'd find another team. However, if contract negotiations don't look promising, and or they can acquire the aforementioned Weber, then Jay might become more expendable. If we were a GM we'd give Martin whatever he asks if he comes available. Again the Senator-Florida connection can't be overlooked as the Sens will lose Redden to UFA and Meszeros is a RFA to be signed as well.

  • Martin Havlat- the still relatively young(27) Czech forward is coming to the last year of a 6 mil deal in Chicago. Like he has most of his career, 'Marty' shows great skill, but doesn't stay healthy to put together a true great season. The Blackhawks will use his availability to try to move up in the draft/get another 1st round pick. Several teams in the east have expressed interest; including the Rangers and Devils.

  • Ray Emery- As mentioned here Tuesday, the Sens are trying desperately to trade their former starter, now annoyance. Else they will buy him out right after the draft. There are few takers right now, but Murray is hoping to dump him for a 2nd rounder if he can. The Kings have shown interest, but are asking to talk first with the goalie. Thus far Emery, who is traveling in Europe and not answering calls, has been unavailable.

  • Jonathan Cheechoo- (See Marleau.) We can't see the Sharks dealing both of them, but we have been told that its not an impossibility that the Sharks may want to shake up their roster significantly along with their new coach to try to have better post season success to go along with their perennially strong regular seasons

  • R.J. Umberger.- As mentioned Tuesday, the Flyers need to make some big decisions., Apparently they already decided that Vinny Prospel would be too expensive to keep so they traded his rights to TB today. They Flyers are not done dealing we're told. That RJ is the most likely to be dealt either this weekend, or sometime this summer. Holmgren will likely be among the most busy of the 30 GM's this weekend

  • Andrej Meszaros- (See Spezza) The RFA Slovak defender will be part of any rumor coming from Ottawa, the place for this year's draft. Lack of contract talk movement may initiate Murray to listen to offers. Though we wouldn't expect to see him traded, anything is possible. He could be part of any large deal with Spezza, or used as a chip to move up in the draft to make a big splash with the home town folks

2) Certainly it appears that the next 24-48 hours will be quite interesting. This is the reason we started this blog; We love the intrigue surrounding this time of year. This list is certainly not a complete listing of all the potential players on the block, just the bigger names who've we've been hearing about the past few days. Not all will be changing addresses and some deals may get completed later this summer, but for sure tomorrow and Saturdays proceedings will be likely overshadowed by the trades made/rumored! There will certainly be a plethora of lesser deals for draft picks, etc. No matter, Let the fun begin!

POST SCRIPT: It is unfortunate that we are forced to mention this, but apparently our blogger antagonist, (we refuse to mention his name!) who hijacked this blog March of last year and is still using the old FAUXRUMORS blog for his own sick enjoyment, is purporting that we somehow were responsible for making 'threatening e-mails/comments' on his blog forcing him to cease operating. Of course our many loyal readers, who have been with us for any length of time, know this is utter nonsense. We don't ever visit his blog since his theft of our blog last year. We wouldn't be surprised if he got into hot water for imitating/stealing other blogs like he did to us. We thank reader DMG of the Caps Blueline for aiding this endeavour. They were one of several bloggers who flagged his IP address as being an impostor/impersonator, and reported it to the authorities. Hopefully his assertions that he is ceasing his blogging activities are true. However, we have learned over the past 2 years to not underestimate this jerk. Now, lets get back to hockey!


T. Lloyd said...

Any chance Murray doesn't get bought out? Any truth to the Thornton back o Boston rumors? Probably too good to be true. Maybe Jacobs is trying to upstage the Celts victory parade? LOL

luv2paintball said...

I am so psyched. We got Vinny back. I bet that means that Vinny L. reups with us. Then we get Stamkos tomorrow. I can see us being next years Philly. Right back in the playoffs. The Lightning will be back baby!!

Duncan N. Komani said...

I read that salary cap going up, right? Why then flyer need to trade away good player? I think we can keep everyone and be good again next year. If we trade umberger who we get back here for him?


1) Lloyd: Murray will either get traded (10% chance) or traded(80% chance) so yes there is a 10% chance he's in Beantown in October. Jacobs doesn't like to pay people for not working, so it is possible. No, the Thornton trade rumors are total bullspit. Sounds like an Eklund creation
2) Paint: If we were a TB fan we'd be excited too. It couldn't have gone any worse this past year so no where to go but up. Still waiting to hear who will coach. Unlike others, we feel Melrose would be a good choice.
3) Duncan: Yes, the cap is going up, but the Flyers already have 48 mil committed to 14 players with carter/Umberger yet to be resigned and due decent raises. It will be tough to fit all that into a projected 56 mil cap. Anything is possible though. Hatcher/Rathje, etc. could retire.

amber mac said...

If we trade away our two best players I am going to agree with faux and find a new team to root for. I mean thats ridiculous. Why trade Ollie? he's a great player and the teams leader. We lost Roberto 2 years ago for nothing. I don't trust this gm to make a good deal either.
To trade jay would be as dumb as trading Roberto was. He's as good as anyon ein the league. pay him and lets not trade away our young guys anymore. No wonder the arena is always empty.

DMG said...

Glad I could be of help, Faux.

I have to say re: Umberger: the Flyers seemed to get a lot for him, especially given that the whole world knew they needed to move him.

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