Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fonzie Finally Fired!

1) As expected the Tampa Bay Lightning announced Tuesday John(The Fonz) Tortorella will not return next season as the team's head coach. The decision comes after the Lightning finished last in the Southeast Division at 31-42-9, missing the postseason for the first time in five years. Tampa Bay recorded just 71 points, tied with Los Angeles for the lowest total in the NHL.

2) This had to be the worst kept secret ever. Even though we don't like Tortorella's abrasive style, we can't help but feel bad that the guy was basically fired through the media a month ago and its taken the new TB ownership this long to get around to making it official. Meanwhile Torts has been twisting in the wind with his apparent replacement (Melrose) already nearly on board to replace him.

3) Before we all have a pity party for Johnny, not to worry. He has a contract through next season, but we would be astonished if he weren't snatched up by one of the many teams with coaching vacancies this summer. He could possibly even not have to change his cars' license plates if the Panthers were to give him a call. We however don't feel that would be a good fit as Torts would do better with a more veteran team. We believe he could do well with Ottawa. They may need his style(at least in the short term). Maybe The Fonz can get Spezza to step up his game in the post season? Of course if Ray Emory remains their goalie it could make a JT coach all the more interesting next season in Canada's capital. Lets keep our fingers crossed this comes to pass! LOL


Sausage Lover said...

The Fonz? Where does that nickname comefrom?

I can't say I am surprised he was fired. Even if the new ownership didn't have Melrose all lined up Torts' time had run out. His coaching style works great short term, but clearly it had worn out withthe players.

BrokeBackGuy said...

Perhaps the reason it was the worst kept secret was because over a month ago John announced in an interview to the media that he didn't expect to be back next season. That tends to let the cat out of the bag.

That said one can't be too fond of how he has been treated on his way out.


1) sausage/Broke: The nick-name comes from his appearence/slicked-back hair, etc. We agree totally that he should probably have been fired before the season. We are told the players by and large disliked him. Recall the prospal incident that forced Feaster to deal him to Philly

brokebackguy said...

LOve that slicked back hair look.

Some didn't like Torts but most liked him and he's going to be missed.

I can see Vinny leaving after next season over this. melrose hasn't coached in a long time.


1) We'll withhold judgement on Barry right now. Its not like he's been in storage the past decade. he's watched more hockey than most folks and regardless of his hair cut has some good insite for the fans so he must know something about the game
2) ted Nolan missed aquite afew years yet seemed to lose nothing when he returned to the NHL so we can see Melrose as being as good as he was before. The problem in TB may not be who is coach but who will play goal!

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