Friday, June 13, 2008

Big Night For Euros!

1) Firstly we were happy to see that the conjecture some had about last night's awards turned out to be false. The NHL did NOT erroneously post the winners in advance as we had relayed earlier yesterday morning. We were happy to see this was incorrect for it kept the awards process from becoming tainted/a joke.

2) As for the results, we were quite satisfied with all the winners selected. Our April choices of who the winners-should-be (Before the finalists were announced) turned out to be correct in ALL but the Selke selection. With 2 awards each Datsuyk (Selke/Byng, and Ovechkin(Pearson/Hart) along with Lidstrom's 6th Norris, it gave the evening a decided European feel despite the show emanating from Canada. It was fitting as the Cup champs, Wings, were a largely European dominated squad.

3) The show itself was actually better than in recent years. Gone was any lame/2nd rate comics to show up and NOT entertain. No bad singing/dancing, etc. The Howe award for Life Time achievement was quite poignant, and moving to all who are long time fans of the game. Overall we have to say the NHL did a fine job. On to the draft! The rumours are starting to come in fast and furious. Stay tuned in the upcoming days as we discuss them and let all our readers know what we are hearing and believe will occur. As always, keep it here for all the latest!


BackDoorIs4Me said...

Can't say Im surprised. Not surprised the winners weren't revealed in advance and not surprised the Euros had a strong showing.

The awards went down pretty much as most thought it would.

Hooks Orpik said...

From looking at the shoddy production value of the event and television aspect to the "Lindstrom" jersey I'd still say the whole thing was a joke.


1) We missed the LiNdstrom jersey? That would be an inexcuseable error for sure!
2) Overall we'd have to say that compared with previous NHL awards shows this one was better because they tried to do less entertaining, and concentrate more on hockey

Hooks Orpik said...

Empty Netters has a screen-shot of the sloppiness.


1) Thanks for the link Hooks. The NHL should be ashamed of that error. Its not like Nicklas is a rookie or something. You'd figure after 18 seasons 4 Cups, and 6 Norris trophies they'd know how to spell his freakin name!

BrokeBackGuy said...

Surfing around today and found out exactly why Ovechkin deserved to win any and all awards.

Check out his pick over at Japers Blog.

That is one sexy Russian. He can be my MVP any day!

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