Thursday, June 12, 2008

NHL Pre-Announces Trophy Winners?

1) Only in the NHL could this happen. If true, it would be another prime example of the utter/incredibly inept manner in which this league is run. We first became aware of this fiasco by reading Jon "J.P." Press's article on this, this morning. If you believe that this is a coincidence then continue to read, IF you don't want to ruin the excitement/anticipation of tonight's ceremony then STOP reading now!

2) If one were to visit the linked NHL site. The trophies are shown. Next to them are the three nominees. Not in any particular order UNLESS you read between the lines of who are the favourites for each award, then it becomes plain why this order was used. Intentionally, or a screw up? It doesn't matter to us at FAUXRUMORS. The reason is unimportant. The fact that the NHL has apparently (again) allowed a supposedly secret vote result to become public shows how the league is run.

3) Here are the "apparent" winners.

  • Hart-Ovechkin

  • Vezina-Nabokov

  • Norris-Lidstrom

  • Calder-Kane

  • Lady Byng-Pominville

  • Selke-Zetterberg

  • Adams- Babcock

  • Masterton- Blake

  • Pearson-Ovechkin

4) Nothing Earth shattering about any of the 'selections'. They differ from some of the choices we made back in April (PRIOR) to the announced finalists, but we can't vehemently/strongly disagree with any of the selections. However, given the nature of this possible 'leak' it allows one to theorize that the NHL may not be on the level as to the voting. Perhaps the 'winners' were selected not elected? The three Red Wing winners are all deserving, but is it a tad coincidental that 3 are winners of big trophies the year they won the CUP? Certainly Lidstrom is a no-brainer, but the other 2 are not. Not saying it was done intentionally, BUT the NHL has allowed/tainted the process to the point where these kinds of questions are now valid/can be legitimately asked. Another great job by Mr. Bettman, et al! Anyone still going to watch?


BrokeBackGuy said...

One would think that the NHL would use some sort of accounting/contest firm to tally results and keep them secret until the awards show, much like they do for things like the oscars.

The fact that the NHL hasn't come out to explain the secret process they use seems to tell that they don't use one!



Something is wrong when these kinds of occurrences happen repeatedly. Of course we'll withhold final judgment on this particular instance until tonight.

Dr. George Varga said...

My dear this would be an embarrassing development indeed. I am in agreement with you fellas that none of the picks there are unforeseen. Don't they know that many might come to some conclusion that you folks did, that the manner in which votes are tallied are now questionable? All this time I thought it was a very good secret who was going to win. Like the Academy does with the Oscars. Perhaps this perception is inaccurate.

B19 said...

I hope the NHL isn't that stupid. But this is the NHL we are talking about. They always do stupid stuff.


1) Dr./b19 We agree that it will be embarrassing if it turns out to be accurate. The questions would be many if true:
a) Why reveal this?
b) How many people are privy to the results?
c) Are the players told in advance?
d) Is an independent firm collate/tabulate the votes and keep the results? If not, why?

BackDoorIs4Me said...

I don't think the NHL would go so far as to pick their own winners. The winners are picked by the Professional Hockey Writers Association and I doubt the NHL wants to piss off that group. That said I wouldnt doubt the NHL offices would fuck something up so bad as to post the actual winners in advance.

As for the assertion that the Cup winners were picked being a coincidence I think that the fact that Zetterberg and Lidstrom had such fine years is a big reason the wINGS won the cup. Great seasons and stanley cups often seem to come together!

Pink is for MEN! said...

Well, ok that didn't quite pan out, but the good news is the FBI finally tracked down that guy on the grassy knoll. The captured him on a UFO that they found in a hanger in Roswell New Mexico.

Thanks for the laugh though!


1) We all at FAUXRUMORS were glad to see the reports/conjecture were unfounded! They actually did a nice job with the awards ceremoney tonight!

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