Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Cup Is Ready!

1) Tonight is Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Play resumes tonight in Pittsburgh where the going/prevailing thoughts are that the Penguins now have wrestled the Big Mo (momentum) away from the not-so mighty Red Wings. That we should see the Pens once again fight off elimination and go on to a Game 7 (Nirvana for Gary Bettman)

2) To that idea, we at FAUXRUMORS say, "Not so fast!" At the risk of placing our feet back into our mouths like we may have done prior to the last game, we believe the Cup will be awarded to the Wings by the balding, twitching, smurf commish tonight.

3) Why? Even the most partisan Pens fan has to admit they are playing tonight/have life for one reason: M-A- Fleury, and a tad of Lady Luck. The Wings, despite the final outcome, were by and large the better of the two teams. They out-shot/out-chanced the Pens all evening. If not for the heroics of Fleury and a few missed shots by Wings' forwards we would be discussing the parade route this morning and not a Game 6.

4) With all due/deserved respect the Pens have earned from us at FAUXRUMORS, they have yet to be the better team in any of the 5 games played. From a Detroit perspective, we believe them to be too well coached, and have far too many vets who have been here before to have the last game carry over to any large extent. In fact, playing away from The Joe may help keep them from trying to do too much/get excited before the final buzzer like they may have been in Game 5. Therefore we believe that tonight will be the night, and the Cup will be awarded. Get that champagne ready fellas!

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