Monday, April 16, 2007

OT Nonsense!

1) If it weren't for recent NHL history of bending/changing the game to try to placate a vocal minority we at FAUXRUMORS would have found the recent flap concerning PLAYOFF over time humorous. The reason for the discussion even starting was a recent Vancouver-Dallas epic 4 OT game that lasted into the wee hours in the a.m.( 4 a.m. eastern time) Some in the media afterwards complained that games of this length should NOT be allowed. That some sort of set format should be instituted to end games at a 'reasonable' hour, and at a known time frame.
2) Former players, now hockey media idiots like Ray Ferraro were first to jump on board. Ferraro claiming of the 4 OT game: "I was bored". Well Ray, if OT playoff hockey bores you, go home to your ugly wife Cammi and see if she can somehow get a rise out of ya!!
Next in line in the former player idiocy awards go to the line up of the talking brain dead on the NHL's excuse for a hockey network in the U.S., Versus. Both Keith Jones and Brian Engblom came out n favor of some sort of format that could end playoff games with a shoot out!
3) We at FAUXRUMORS were NOT in favor of regular season shoot outs for many reasons, but this was the Biggest reason! Once the idea of a shoot out was in fans' minds, the powers(assholes) that run the NHL would eventually bring it into the playoffs. While the commish even recently said that there would be no shootouts in the playoffs, the initial discussions have apparently started. Probably they would at first use the guise that it was going to shorten games that have gone on to long and have little entertainment value anyway. From there it will be a slippery slope until playoff OT like we current know and love it now will cease to exist!
4) A fellow Blogger at an Islander blog said it well, if not a bit more bluntly than we would: "Message to the members of the media who want to see the shootout in the playoffs:If you don't like staying up until 3AM, here's a clue: go home, you whining douchebag, and shut up. Leave my hockey alone, you fucking twat. It's bad enough they changed everything else to make the less manly men amongst the media happy. If they end playoff games with a shootout, I'm done. I'm not enough of a pussy to enjoy that, sorry. How come no one bitches about baseball games that last until 4 AM? Now THAT is fucking-assed boring. Nine innings of baseball is tedious enough, without seven more- oh, but that's our "National Pastime", whatever the fuck that means. Hockey, though, fuck hockey, only a few people care about that, so let's change it to something people WHO DON'T FUCKING LIKE IT THINK IS A GOOD IDEA. Brilliant!!!!!!
5) Well said! Sadly we believe that OT shootouts are inevitable. The folks in charge will simply use the occasional/rare long OT games as an excuse to weasel them into our consciousness. It will be a VERY sad day when the first NHL playoff game is decided by a silly skills competition and NOT by one of the most exciting things in pro team sports, an NHL playoff OT game winning goal!


Dear Lord Stanley said...

Not totally sure that a swipe at Chicken Parm's wife is warranted simply because you disagree with him, but I definitely agree with the post overall.

Why does the NHL keep acting like that kid in school that changed his look every couple of weeks just to keep the bullies from making fun of him? Why does the NHL care at all if a few people don't have any attention spans?

And why don't they value their own game enough to just LEAVE IT ALONE?


I agree with you and Stanley here. I love stayin' up and watching games like that. If these guys are really bigger and stronger like we're told over and over then an occational long game shouldn't matter.
Just say No to shootout!


1) OK, perhaps we didn't need to use an obligatory Cammi-slam to make our point, but we stick the gist of our remarks; that some in the hockey media are clueless.
2) Even saw a gentleman during the Hockey night in Canada's 'Hot stove report' who advocated a shoot out or 4-4 OT hockey 'for the first rounds'.
3) Sorry, ANY change from the current format would be unwelcome, and invite MORE changes later. Hockey fans LOVE OT hockey as it is! Because 1-2 games a decade go into more than 3 OT's is NO reason to change the current system!

Silas said...

Can't they just go four on four after the first OT? After the first overtime the players seem so tired they look like they are in slow motion. At least 4-4 we're sure to see a mistake that will lead to a winner sooner than having to wait 6 hours!

Shuck-A-Luck said...

First time reader, first time commenter! Interesting that you just assume because the NHL changes a rule that it will lead to more rule changes.

When the NHL instituted mandatory helmets did mandatory visors follow?

When the NHL instituted the instigator penalty did a total ban on fighting follow?

When the NHL dropped the Redline did they drop the Blueline? Adopt no touch icing?

When the NHL allowed glove passes in the defensive zone did they then allow high sticks in the defensive zone?

When the NHL created the ridiculous no touch zone for goalies did they make it larger?

Simply put there is no precedent for the NHL changing rules in a gradual process. The idea that the NHL went to 4-on-4 OT as a step towards getting shootouts is untrue. 4-on-4 OT was around long before anyone even thought of shootouts in the NHL. You cannot on one hand call the heads of the NHL idiots and then in the next breath credit them with the forsight to trick the fans and teams into rule changes that will open doors to future rule changes. This would show some logic and thought and would go against your premise that the NHL leadership is incompetent.

Wow, didn't mean to be so negative on my first comment. Sorry, just writing what I thought. Keep up your bloggin!


1) Welcome Shuck. No, a change doesn't always mean it will continue, BUT the NHL:
a) instituted OT in the regular season
b) Then went to 4-4
c) Then a shoot out.
2) So the precident is there for a slippery slope of gradual change.

Antzmarching said...

With regard to rule changes in general, Antz (3rd person) states "that all teams/systems inevitably adjust..." When the NEW NHL implemented the offense friendly rule changes last season, scoring was instantly up... However, as teams and individual players became used to the new expectations, they adjusted in a variety of ways... Scoring was down this year... With the exception of the trapezoid nonsense, the silly "end of the game" instigation rule, and the over zealous penalty calls, the game is pretty decent right now... STOP with the anti-climatic playoff shootout discussion... OT hockey is phenomenal in its intensity - and, shame on Chicken Parm for his comment...

And Faux, would you prefer if Vlad "impaled" Mrs. Granato-Ferraro?


1) We'd prefer to not dwell on anyone 'impaling' Mrs. Ferraro with anything!
2) As for the other rule changes that the NHL instituted, we agree most have NOT helped increase scoring. We discussed this last fall:

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